Main masak-masak yang betul

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with a budding young chef at home.

Allahyarham Tok Ayah was a cook.  Both Opah and Tok Wen (the children’s grandmas) cook succulent dishes.

Today, we visited Lunatots in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras.  We went g00-gaa-gaa looking at baby’s stuff.  At Lunatots, Maryam found a book, ‘Kompilasi Dapur Si Kecil’, a compilation of recipes from Pa&Ma magazines.


So, for pre-dinner dish, Maryam prepared a Wow Whipped Potato and Eggcellent Egg Salad :))))


The recipes are simple and children-friendly.  Inshaa Allah tomorrow night, my friends and I are having a get-together and Maryam is already planning to prepare awesome appetizers.

For the record:  Umi pun belum pernah buat kentang putar ‘from scratch’.  Tabik Maryam.


Playing English

Taman permainan adalah tempat terbaik untuk ibu ayah menggunakan bahasa Inggeris dengan anak-anak.  Di sini tempat mereka beraksi – berlari, memanjat, menggelungsur, bergolek dan ada kalanya berebut.

Ambil kesempatan ini menjadi fasilitator pembelajaran anak-anak.  Pasakkan segala input berharga ke dalam minda mereka.
Go ahead and use English with them.  Lebih baik kita modelkan dahulu  keselambaan kita berbahasa Inggeris daripada menyuruh mereka “Speak English.”
All the best!


From our Family to Yours


How our gamat family began

Dr. Zaiton Hassan is my Mak (Malay for mother) and my children call her Tok Wen.
And like all mothers, Mak only wants the best for her children.

With five children to manage, and thousands of university students to inspire, a little cut or a wound can be a bit worrying for a concerned mother like our Mak and most mothers in general.

Lucky for us, after having obtained her doctorate in Food Biology from Texas A & M University, USA, Mak almost immediately began to exploit her scientific know-how and mastery in research skills. She paved her way into discovering the best solution to heal wounds both internally and externally in the most natural way possible.

That was 17 years ago.

Today, Mak’s miraculous discovery has gained her the title Gamat Queen, at least to us she is our gamat queen.



SkypeMoms Malaysia

Semalam, Sabtu, hari yang penuh dan riuh.  Saya suka!

The morning started with a quick breakfast preparation – a healthy and wholesome tuna sandwich, with chopped cilantro (daun ketumbar), tomatoes, onions, sprinkled with lemon juice.  This would be our snack for Bengkel Asas Skype for Moms with Dr. Anita Adnan, Malaysia #1 Skype Mom, a mother of 7.  (I like this part)


As usual, I brought my assistants along, Maryam and Sarah.  They were ever so excited to step foot into Bangi Library for the first time.  Yes, that was the venue.  Once arrived, the girls set up the drinks, cookies and sandwiches on little IKEA stools.  If only they had put a price tag, it would look like a refreshment booth.

Why did I invite Dr. Anita to share about Skyping?993868_10200682341676173_1586162441_n (1)

I first met her online and was (and still is) hooked to her positive energy.  This is one multitasker momma who completed her PhD with all 7 growing children and a supportive husband around her.  She has been ‘bugging’ me to start skyping so I can reach more learners who can benefit from our FBI (Fasih Berbahasa Inggeris) program.

The world is Dr. Anita’s classroom – her students come from different parts of the world – and she can facilitate them from her home.  Coolness!


Learning solo is no fun.  So both of us decided to extend the invite to other ladies. It was a privilege to have my friends joining the session as well.  Sis Rasyidah Arshad, Sis Shomiriza Shomidon, Sis Husnul Huda accepted the invite.  We also had Cikgu Normah (painter/sculptor, actor trainer, director, scriptwriter, theatre instructor) and Dr. Wahiza (English lecturer) in the team.



I aim to start a Skyping project to expand our English programs and share our roadschooling stories with others – fellow moms to be exact.  Since Ridz and I are planning for homebirth (hahahaha this will be in a separate post), Skyping is a good avenue to share the experience.

Now that I have at least two projects in the pipeline, it’s time to get busy!


Next post:  to be confirmed

I’m back!

Praise be to The Creator, I have overcome my gadget-nauseous stage.

Ya, saya loya gajet. Dan ya, roadschooler kelima akan menyusul dengan izin Allah.

Saya menulis posting ini menggunakan Windows Phone saya, hadiah dari kekanda Ridz. Mahu testing dulu. More coming soooooon.