home-y office

Alhamdulillah, the Ramadhan office-deco project is sailing smoothly.  Thanks to our investor/financier, May Allah Bless You!!!

couch wrap

Two sets of sofa have arrived!  Exclusive for CZ guests and students – and for me to catch a nap in between.  See the yellow wall?  I must tell you that the office looked warm, but not in a cozy sense.  A stuffy kind of warm.  I did have a micronano-regret for choosing that colour.  (I must admit, I’m a bit colour-challenged.  Notice my choice of kek-lapis carpet?)

However, once the hall is filled with those cappucino couch, the striking wall starts to tone down a bit.  What a relief.

Today, the curtain crew from Lentera Creative Home came.  Now, CZ looks like home.

There’s this kid in me who will always choose for something bubbly and bold.  I’m not sure if the model’s position in this photo does justice to the curtain.  (ampun, bos!)  This is where the mini-pantry will be.

InshaAllah, this October CZ classes will start.  Our next project:  to scatter books all over the hall.  Way too empty, right?