Maryam’s business deal exposure


Coach Sha now has an apprentice. Her name is Coach Maryam. Her task today is to observe how business deal is done. Next time, she’ll be doing the talking.

The FBI team is having a meeting with Genius Aulad Taman Tasik Prima to propose an English program to empower the teachers to use English in their daily activities.
This is not child labour.
This is giving exposure.

She can now design slides like her mother.
She can imitate her mother’s presentation style.
She can rap like her brother.
She can cook like her late grandfather.
It is all about EXPOSURE.


4 thoughts on “Maryam’s business deal exposure

  1. Assalammualaikum,

    Hope you are doing ok. I would like to contact you for consultation about homeschool. Pls assist me how to do so.Thanks.

  2. assalamualaikum wbt.
    Tuan/Puan saya ucapakan tahniah dan syabas.
    saya mohd nazri abd rahman sedang menjalankan kajian berkaitan homeschooling. amat berminat untuk menghubungi tuan/puan bg tujuan temubual dan perkongsian pengalaman berkaitan HS. harap tauan/puan dalat membalas maklumat ini melalui email atau

  3. Hi Coach Sha,
    May I know where is you homeschooling centre located as well as your contact details pls, as I would like to recommend someone.

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