HOME’s Cool!

Alhamdulillah…me and casa-escuela gang would like to congratulate miss mamafiza of littlekittle.com and Malaysia Homeschooling Unite (MHU) – her passion and dedication render us speechless and in awe!

She’ll be on air this July 4th, ‘the’ guest for Wanita Hari Ini and the crew will even go to her house.  Oohh.. can’t wait to see the three bubbly kids on tv.  We salute you!  Go, go, go.

Truth be told, she INSPIRES me and my partner to pursue homeschooling our kiddos.

Home’s COOL – homeschool! (Yee haa.. just created this new tagline.. soon to be printed on our ‘corporate outfit’ muahahaaaa)

Ideas, por favor…

To all my beloved readers,

I’ve been invited to be a guest for a new TV show, soon to be aired on RTM 1.  ‘Cahaya Permata’ – a program on parenting.  It will be hosted by Anne Ngasri.

I’ll be chatting with the lovely host on these 2 topics:

Episode 15 – Kids taken care by maid
– Busy Parents

Episode 23 – Training kids to do house chores

So, I’d love to get inputs from you.  Yes, YOU!!!  Your thoughts, experience, problems, challenges, solutions, ideas, etc.  Share with me, please.  I’d really, really, really appreciate it.

It’s a holi-holiday..hooray

Two weeks off – school holiday! (No seminars, but homeschooling goes on as usual).

So my casa-escuela gang spend time at home, organizing our school area upstairs.  Pictures shall be posted soon.  Hey, I even had my Personal English Coaching session with my two lovely students there.

We put a/c there.. so it’s nice and cozy.  To trap the cool air, Mr. Handyman Ridz Tim Allen, nailed 4 metres of curtains from ceiling down.  Yup!  Nailed!!! No railings whatsover.  Just nailed that curtain directly to the ceiling.

So much for Casa Impian..but hey, it works for Casa-Escuela..Muahaahaa!!!