From our Family to Yours


How our gamat family began

Dr. Zaiton Hassan is my Mak (Malay for mother) and my children call her Tok Wen.
And like all mothers, Mak only wants the best for her children.

With five children to manage, and thousands of university students to inspire, a little cut or a wound can be a bit worrying for a concerned mother like our Mak and most mothers in general.

Lucky for us, after having obtained her doctorate in Food Biology from Texas A & M University, USA, Mak almost immediately began to exploit her scientific know-how and mastery in research skills. She paved her way into discovering the best solution to heal wounds both internally and externally in the most natural way possible.

That was 17 years ago.

Today, Mak’s miraculous discovery has gained her the title Gamat Queen, at least to us she is our gamat queen.