Semangat Usahawan Cilik

O Allah, jika rezekiku di langit, turunkanlah.
O Allah, jika rezekiku di bumi, keluarkanlah.
O Allah, jika rezekiku sukar, permudahkanlah.


The latest project for Muhammad, the captain of MMH Troop, is business.

Muhammad has a special spot for money ūüôā ¬†He enjoys spending and goes extremely energetic during shop visits. ¬†In his wallet, we can always count on him for extra ringgit notes and pocketful of coins. ¬†There were occasions where Umi and Abi had to depend on Muhammad to settle the bills! ¬†May Allah Bless You, big bro.

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This got us thinking…..

Since this kid is attracted to (and also attracts) money, why not expose him to the world of entrepreneurship now?

We had a big event coming РEnglish for Young Muslims @ IKIM.  It was a 2-day camp for almost 200 participants.

What an OPPORTUNITY! This is what I call rezeki!

Two days before the camp, I rang my dear friend, Sis Anfaal of Brotherhood Arts.  I have always admired their T-shirts designs.

Muhammad was exalted when we ‘invited’ him to join us for IKIM program. ¬†His task was to man the booth outside of the hall while mom and pop concentrated on the camp.

Since it was a spur-of-the-moment project, I did not really have the time to go through the stocks with Muhammad.  I just dropped him outside the hall,  left a calculator with him along with buku 555.

His job was to sell the stuff, guard the petty cash bag and make sure customers get correct change.  (Hold on, this 9-year old can handle it right?)

From time to time, I ‘spot-checked’ this future billionnaire and he seemed under control. ¬†Of course, that was before the rush hour ūüėČ

When lunchtime arrived, he was swarmed by prospective buyers. ¬†I noticed he was sweating. “Bermanik-manik peluh mengalir di pipi Muhammad.”

And the mother in me thought, “Oh, his perspiration is such an inspiration.”¬†‚ô•images

Being a good mum, I delegated some of the facilitators to assist him.   Memang tak menang tangan!  Thanks guys.

So, congratulations, Muhammad!

He was able to do Maths calculation quickly.  Now, this is a boy who drags doing Dr. Kawashima Maths drills.  However, when numbers are combined with RM sign and is PRACTICAL, what was boring became exciting!!

He was entrusted to guard the cash bag – and he did as told! ¬†Responsibility is a skill that has to be nurtured. ¬†Indirectly, this teaches a child to focus. ¬†Throughout the day, I would ask him, “The bag?”and he would display a large smile and said, “With me!”

Muhammad even came with his own system to ‘reserve’ tshirts booked by participants. ¬†He put them under the table-cloth. ¬†Main nyorok-nyorok ya,bang! It skipped my mind to tell him about this, but he got his own system and rhythm.

Morning after, the rest of the clan helped to do the inventory.

Then, everyone chose his/her favourite design and donned them for family lunch at Alamanda.

Comment from Mak Lang Lilah: Business is sooo muhd. It started with rm1 per kuda-back ride, 20sen per mp3 song, n more ya. so cool!! akak, pls make sure all his early biz stories r documented. future book ‘usahawan cilik’!

Yup, Muhammad has always been an entrepreneur.  Besides the kuda-ride and MP3 rental, his ventures include:

1. ¬†Selling rambutan in front of Opah’s house in Taiping with Maryam and Musa. ¬†The yellow-green rambutan came from Opah’s tree ūüôā ¬†No collection since they offered 3 biji for RM1!

2. ¬†Second-hand shirts, dresses in Opah’s front porch. ¬†We¬†brought bundles of clothes in good condition still. ¬†Instead of giving away for free, they charged RM1, 3, 5 per cloth. ¬†Managed to collect RM100.

Split 50-50 with Opah.

3.  During Karate Tournament, Muhammad and Musa sold fresh milk, bubble gums, Corntos chips.  Bought the loot at wholesaler in Bangi.  They stuffed their bags with their karate gi (outfit) and goodies.  No sale made during the event since they ate the chips and drank the milk and gave away the rest for FREE to fellow friends.  Well, maybe they sold a few. ayayayaaayyy!!!

Looking at this trend, more business projects will be coming soon for Muhammad, Musa, Maryam and Sarah.

Hidup semangat usahawan cilik!