Hitting the road: Sungai Besar, S’ngor

Awwww…couldn’t make it to the smartkid exhibition at PWTC today (Sunday hopefully).

After ‘asr today, the big van of fun will leave the crib to go to Sungai Besar, right before Sabak Bernam. Everybody’s tagging along for this trip (as usual laah).

Tomorrow evening, will be back home. Then Monday, off again to Diamond Gulf, Perak. For 7 days!! Yee-haaa..

Thinking of taking them to see the firefly place – but haven’t discussed with Commander-in-Chief yet. But I’ve some lesson plans brewing in my head for this trip. In the van, among ‘wajib’ games include:

  • “I spy with my beautiful hazel eyes something that begins with the letter…”
  • Negeri-negeri (anyone played this before during schooldays). Our categories: Name, Country, Fruit, Animal, Thing, Vehicle, Song
  • Singing out loud
  • Listening to audiobooks and songs of choice (Muhd and Musa have their own MP3)

But our routine once Hiace wheels start to roll – Doa for traveling, Salawat and Zikr – loudly.

So, kiddos.. buckle up and ready for take off!

We want more! We want more!

This post is dedicated to Mektwain and chocolate, cheese, cake, cupcake lovers out there.

It was drizzling. Mu-Mu just finished their karate lesson. Aiyoh..right after he bowed to the sensei, big bro blurted out, “Umi, hungry. Nak chicken wings!” (ek eh..siap request pulak tu). Rezeki that night, Mu-Mu’s Mak Ngah treated us for mamak-cuisine. It was already close to 9 pm and I didn’t want to keep Mektwain waiting.

At last after the boys’ trays looked clean and clear – after 2 1/2 helping- we made our move. Hooray, meeting my new blogbud!

No one can miss the Varsity Cafe! As I stepped in (giraffe-ing my neck to look for her), I saw another young lady did something similar (ostrich-ing coz she was looking out from the kitchen). “Is that a knife in her hand?” Hmm..she’s a chef for real! Confirmed!

So, the blocks exchanged hands. I got my dough..and cupcakes too!!! Gumbiranya hatiku. (Confession to mektwain: deep down inside my heart i was wishing that you’d give me a taste of your chocolatey creation. And I got not one but.. talk about abundance!)

After salam-salam, I made my way out. In the big van of fun, the kids were interrogating me – what’s that? from whom? can we have a look? etc etc. I told them about Mektwain and of course they remember coz Mek has visited their blogs before. As instructed, once home, I put the cupcakes in the fridge – for breakfast 2moro.

After the cleaning-up-b4-bedtime routine, Muhammad came to me. “Umi, can I have the cupcake? Please..abang lapar..”

(please..after roti telur and roti kosong?) He even added, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Lepas makan abang brush!” I succumbed. So, Mu-Mu had a midnite picnic on the kitchen floor INDULGING the choc cheese. They finished one each.

Today after lunch, mi familia had cupcakes for dessert. Selamat!!

“Dengan ini, kami warga casa-escuela coachsha hereby declare that mektwain’s cupcakes bring gastronomical delight to our family.” Salute to you!

Did we do THAT?

On the way back from our Kelantan seminar trip last year, we stopped at Tasik Banding. If you go to Kelantan via Grik, Perak, for sure you will enjoy such a scenic view. We found a floating chalet (yup, you can feel the room swaying ala-ala Michael Buble 😉 )The highlight of this spur-of-the-moment mini vacation was….

the whole family jumping into the lake with life jackets (Abie, Umie, Muhd, Musa and Maryam and little Sarah in Umie’s tummy).

Imagine! We jumped into the deep, dark lake just like that! And none of us can really swim with style. Doggy-paddle or katak-style boleh, laa. Back then, I didn’t think of ‘bad thoughts’. I can remember clearly the voices inside my brain that time: “Either now or never. When will we get the chance to do this again. Masuk je…Rugi nanti..” And the whole of me complied.

Now, looking back, suddenly all ‘bad thoughts’ come flashing in front of my eyes – drowning (na’udzubillah), big animals swimming under the dark water, big monsters under the lake.. hiisssshhh…stop it, stop it!

Will I do it again? Hmm.. maybe not swimming in the lake but something else perhaps… like bungee jumping maybe?

Found! Mind & Attitude Challenge for Kids and You

Kids love playing with blocks. They love to create things. So, when we bought HiQu blocks for Muhammad and Musa, they were enthralled! Super-duper excited! Hey, even I had to wait for my turn to play .
What’s so cool about this block-of -fun?
  • It challenges your IQ.
There is a cute little booklet with 100 figures. Your task is to make each figure using the blocks (4 blocks with different shapes) under the time given. You must use ALL blocks. Sounds easy? Hehehh.. give it a try.
Of course, the challenge starts from simple to complex – from a 5-minute time limit to 15 minutes (per figure).
For example, if you can complete the first page, then your IQ level is 100. The highest? 150. Mine? Getting there…
  • It’s an ATTITUDE test

Playing with HiQu blocks teaches your kids and you to keep on trying. My bet is, you won’t be satisfied until you can complete the challenge. “Eii..tak puasnye bila tak boleh buat! Nak cuba jugak!!!” -kinda attitude. So, instead of preaching to your offspring “WE MUST PERSEVERE”, “NEVER GIVE UP”, “USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN” (zzzzzz), giving them these blocks does the job.

  • “Where can I get this block-buster fun-tastic educational toy?” (I heard you asking yourself that question.)

Contact yours truly by e-mailing me: coachsha@englishguru.com.my.

1 set is RM 10 only!!!!
Buy 5 sets for RM 40!!! What a deal, mum and dad.
We suggest you keep a stock of HiQu blocks at home, in the car. That’s what we do. A perfect gift for your nieces, nephews, friend’s kids, friend’s kids’ parents, boss’ child, your professor, your partner, anyone
They’ll remember and thank you for such a mind-opening experience.

TOUCHING traces of history

During our 2-day stay in Melaka, we took a trip to Perigi Hang Tuah and A’Famosa. (Hm… the last time I visited these places was back in Form 1..)

Nothing beats learning history than seeing the real thing. Yup we can read from books. But touching, feeling, seeing, hearing even smelling work wayyyyyyyyyyy better!

It’s good that we took Muhammad, Musa and Maryam to Muzium Negara before. They’ve read about the Portuguese and the Dutch arriving in this country. So, background knowledge is already stored in their #1 computer a.k.a brain.

Back on the road

InshaAllah, Tuesday (March 4) after breakfast mi familia will be on the road again after …. mmm after five months of being ‘stationary’. Our first family trip this year will be Umbai, Melaka. Alahaai ikan bakar!

Now that Sarah has entered the troop, our traveling this year will not be as hectic as before. Imagine, for the last two years we were quarter-nomads. January in Kelantan, Feb in Ganu, March in Pahang. Then off to Sabah, Johor, Selangor, KL… In the upcoming years, ada rezeki, we might be in Jakarta, Brunei, Dubai… Nothing’s impossible, InshaAllah.

That’s why we have to go for homeschooling. We want to stay close to each other. I want to see them growing up in front of my eyes. Plus, there’s so much to learn along the journey.

So gotta go and get packed. Nowadays, no more luggages for us. Using baskets instead. Muy muy easy maa… Plus, our Hiace is soooo spacious.. with clothes basket, food basket, toys, booooooks, snacks, pillows, Umi and Abi’s seminar apparel, etc etc.

Melaka, here we come!