hasta la vista, kids

What a weekend!  Parents-at-work while kiddos away in Taiping.  Last weekend we were in Besut for 4 days.  Once landed back in KL, we hosted a parenting talk for parents, HAFAZAN is EASY by Ustaz Wan Zikri. 

The next day, off to Taiping to visit the soldiers, Muhammad, Musa, Maryam and Sarah.

We took them shoe-shopping, “Which shoes do you choose?”

After spending two nights with them (all-out bonding), we bid goodbye “hasta la vista” and on the road again to Seri Kembangan.

Next event, IKIM English for Young Muslims – a 2-day seminar for kids and teens.

What a week!  Right after IKIM, we went straight to CZ Office.  Why go home?  No kids….