An Arabic proverb: “Al ‘ilmu soidun. Wal kitaabatu qoidun”

English translation: Knowledge is like a beast. And writing binds it.

Dad from Aloq Staq, mom from Batu Pahat, was born and raised in Kajang and Bangi, Selangor. Married a lucky guy from Taiping. Attended Tadika Maria at age 3, later enrolled in SK Leftenan Adnan Sg. Ramal Luar. Sat for UPSR at SRK Jalan Enam, Bdr Baru Bangi. Wanted to go to an all-girl boarding school (influenced by Enid Blyton’s Malorie Towers and St. Claire’s), but to no avail. Went to SMAS (Sek. Men. Agama Selangor) till form 2. Skipped SRP (hooray) and traveled to Texas to continue secondary education. Joined the track team but sprained an ankle (deserved it!) hence sat on the bench for the whole season. Represented my high school in Duet Acting and Spelling competition. Learned Spanish but speak un poco de espanol. 1995 back to Malaysia – became an IIUM student, majoring in Pol. Sci. Graduated. Got married in 2000. Took MA in Sociology. Blessed with a baby in 2001. Another son in 2002. A girl in 2004. And another girl in 2007. Mi familia, mi vida.

14 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. salam
    hope u all in pink…
    huhu…very nice 2 know bout u n ur fmly.
    xtau la ingat sy lg x…nvmind, truskan usaha n gudlak
    len kli dtg la lg utp,,,dtg tronoh, fon me ek..0134663893
    wish u all da best,,keep in touch

  2. salam che dah & wak
    this is my 1st time visiting your blog.very nice yet very inspiring especially when I’ve kid struggling to improve his english.Huh!mencabar sungguh when it comes to teach them on how to write in English.Teringin nak join your EPL this Saturday,yet gotta send my sister to her college on the very day.

  3. salam..
    hi coach sha…..
    masih lagi demam EPL for dzul iman’s teachers hr tu…what a wnderful course!!..we, totally enjoyed it very much n really motivated..we r joking in English!!…huhuu..impress huh!…even broken grammar, we did SELAMBA…n’way..drop 2 ask u..Which CD are d song dat Mr Ridz play 4 us?we only can memorize d word walking,insyaAllah,tabarakallah…dats because we read..not listen!!hehehehehe…
    c ya!

  4. assalamualaikum coach sha

    May I contact you privately? We are back from the US and I have ben homeschooling my kids in the US for about 13 yrs now, and I am pressed to make the decision about my kids’ schooling now, esp since school starts in January. May I ask you some questions? Jazakillah khair
    you should have my email.
    hope to hear fr you soon inshaallah;


  5. salam puan, seronok baca blog ini. to tell you honestly, this is what i wanted to do with my kids. belum berkesempatan, but hope to get there soon. are you on facebook? would love to connect with you!

    best wishes,
    anita adnan
    nottingham UK

  6. asalamualaikum,
    first i want to tell you this is awesome! 🙂
    do your kids go to official school or not? im personally very interested in homeschooling but havent found any program here in malaysia that is certified so far (im in highschool).
    do you know any?it would be awesome if you did 😉
    best regards

  7. Hi there,

    I’m currently looking to homeschool my 7 year old daughter. I’m looking for any centres or syllabus programme. I can’t seem to find any.

    Please could you please help me in any way?

    My name is Dania Amani & my no is 013-3801610 & my email is s.dania.amani@gmail.com

    Thanks so much! I look forward to hear from you 🙂

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