Fahrin asks, I answer


Have you seen Monster’s Inc?  I love it!  Do you remember the part when Mike was on tv but his face was covered.  Remember the script?

Mike: I can’t believe it.

Sully: Oh, Mike…

Mike: I was on TV! Did you see me? I’m a natural!

Haha!  I was on TV again.  Respons RTM 1 (early morning at 6 am – bilalah nak masuk prime time ni?)


This time I was interviewed by Mr. Fahrin Ahmad.  Topics – “Malaslah..” (how kids are not active in sports) and “Angguk-angguk Geleng-geleng” (how we should be more firm and assertive).  As usual, I enjoyed myself.

p/s:  When I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of being on national tv.  Alhamdulillah, it’s now a reality.  Now, I dream to be on Oprah.  Jadi penonton pun takpa, tapi mesti barisan depan.

*Thank you Kak Norziha, the producer and Miss Balqis, the assistant producer for your kind and warm invitation.

I rest my case

This morning, Abi took the boys for breakfast with his surau gang (most of them are enjoying life after work – ‘pencen’).

“Sekolah petang ke?”

“Tak, anak-anak saya homeschool.”

I was not there but the story was related to me.   According to Abi, a few replied, “Ooohh homeschool” while nodding their head (tapi tak sure if they understood the concept or not).   Some asked, “Sekolah kat mana?”   They thought it was a name of a some kind of private school.

I’m sure our fellow homeschool parents have been in this situation one too many.

Then, the normal string of Q&A began: “Siapa yang ajar?” “Exam macamana?” “Dah boleh baca belum?”- you get the picture.

It’s kind of fun being ‘interrogated’ by other parents, especially if they are teachers. *smile*

Musa experiences cocoa

Musa experiences cocoa


My Tok Wan was once worried about their Hari Sukan. “Will they get the chance to enjoy Sports Day at school like ‘normal’ kids?”

My Mom the Scientist was (is) concerned about their ‘scientific’ knowledge & skills. “How are they going to do experiments in lab?”

My Dad tak kisah…when I was a young girl, he even asked me, my bro & sis to skip school once in a while. Yahhooooo!!


Solat by the stream

Solat by the stream

We even had a friend who was in awe with this homeschooling thing that he wanted to send his kids to our house. To be homeschooled by us! Kelakar la dia ni…


Anyway, just some bits & pieces of hour h-s journey.


*June 13 (Sat) we’ve been invited by Sis Haridah to share our experience on HS with 57 couples (who come from all over M’sia). Thank you, sister!”

Have fun this May!


When was the last time you played games like a li’l kid?  Fighting for sweets and rewards..claiming every single point for your team…singing your heart out..and giggling ’til your cheeks hurt?

I don’t promise that ‘all-of-the-above’ will happen to you but just get prepared to have tons of fun with me and the gang at the May EPL.

*well, if the guys can have their EPL, we can have ours too!*

I even plan to order a jersey for this event.  Ala-ala bola la…

The name says it all: 

English (that’s the language we’ll be using so we can improve our English)

Playshop (I prefer play over work..what about you?)

Ladies (enough said.)

The first playshop this year was held in March.  Since then, I have compiled dozens of games and activities and can’t wait to get the balls rolling.


Stay tuned, ladies.

News: Playshop for Ummies

Special Announcement for Ummies


Date:  16 May (Saturday)

Time:  9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Venue: ACME Creative Center, Sect. 7, Shah Alam (near Miza & Pak Li Kopitiam)

Head Coaches:  Coach Sha & Coach Ridz

Lady-in-charge:  Ms. Rozi, 019 761 5685

Homeschool Silly-bus: Word Games

Mi familia enjoys word games tremendously.

In the van, we play Spelling Bee:

One person choose a word, eg: road.  The next person makes a word that begins with the last letter (d), eg: dirty.  The third person, yellow…and it goes like that.

Sometimes we play Category Game (when I was a kid, we called this Negeri-negeri):

Choose a Letter, e.g T.  Then find words that begin with T to fit into all the categories – Name, Country, Fruit, Animal, Object.

When at home, the boys indulge in UPWORDS.  Like Scrabble, but you can build UP the words.  Muhammad & Musa love this!

Muhammads turn

Muhammad's turn


Latest craze: SCRAMBLE dsc00003


An iPhone game. Similar to Boggle, minus the shaking.

Off-the-record: this morning I lost to Musa (35 points), me (25 points).

Five  Wonders of Word Games (our observation):

1.  Kids USE the words they know

2.  Kids have to THINK QUICK to produce words

3.  Kids FOCUS to make words with only certain letters (Boggle/Upwords/Scramble)

4.  Kids learn NEW WORDS from ‘competitors’

5.  Kids ENJOY – it’s a game after all!

At the end of the day, a wider vocab helps them to express themselves better….and with style too.

In the news..

This is an excerpt from The Star Online -Sunday, April 19, 2008

My home, my school


Education as a rigid structure? Many parents have gone the extra mile to customize a best-fit for their child’s education.

Homeschooling is not a foreign topic, rather it has been a method of education from ancient times, before schools even came into existence.

FUN LEARNING: A light moment between Elliot and his father David, during a lesson.

(p/s:  Do visit Homefrontier – a mind-opening blog)

Learning doesn’t have to be indoors. Hafiza teaching her children about plants at a park.

Way to go, Mamafiza and family!  Heartiest congratulations from Casa Escuela gang.

Infaq Tuesday TV1 6:30

sha-ridz-pix-blogThe BIG boss and MEdium boss on tv.

Unfortunately, till today we haven’t had the chance to see the show.  Ohh…one thing for sure, the ‘Infaq journey’ opened our eyes, mind and heart to make more and give more.

Mothers, fathers, kids – be prepared to be wealthy (financially, spiritually, emotionally, and all -ly, -ly, -ly).

More silly-bus for home’s cool

photo26Oooohhh…seronoknya!  Let’s go hiking again, kiddos.  A fun-tastic way for Umi to lose the bulge here and there and here and there and here and..(you get idea.)

Homeschool silly-bus 1:  Pendidikan Jasmani dan Rohani (latihan amali membaca doa dan zikir menghalau gangguan jin & syaitan dan binatang berbisa dan memuji kebesaran Allah)

We’ve been told of a secret treasure 30 minutes away from our casa.  Abi took us for a mini-jungle trekking to explore the treasure last week.  Green, clean, serene. The ‘pacat’ (leeches) had a huge grin.  Happy suckin’, suckers!

Homeschool silly-bus 2:  The physiology & anatomy of PACAT (eksperimen mencabut pacat dari anggota badan masing-masing sambil menjerit tetapi jeritan tidak dilayan oleh ketua ekspedisi)


*one line, please*

photo24*wonderful waterfall*


*water + sand + kids = keriangan berganda*


*they’ll remember this moment*

So moms, pack up and go.  For a walk.  For a hike.  For a picnic.  It’s the time spent with you that they will cherish forever, InshaAllah.

(Once home, you can proceed to Homeschool silly-bus 3:  How to massage your lovely Umi n Abi)

Found! Trick to keep track of kids’ work

Cabaran utama kami dalam meng-homeschool anak-anak: to keep track of their progress.


Since both of us work together (running our own company and conducting english programs nationwide), there will be time when we have to be on the road, air, water – without the kids.  Usually for one-or-two day trip.  Otherwise, they will tag along.

Yup, we do have a tutor coming to supervise kids’ homework especially when we are away.  But kids are kids.  They need CONSTANT supervision.  When the BIG Boss and Medium Boss are at work, haahahhaaa….berpesta lah mereka di rumah.  (So far no Astro at home, so TV tak clear dan banyak rancangan semut-semut.  Jadi bab tv tak risau sangat.)

Risau samada mereka baca buku ke tidak.  Buat writing ke tidak.  Solat on time ke tidak.  Dan sebagainya.. I know most parents can relate to this *hi-five, parents*

Alhamdulillah, we found ONE solution on how to keep track of our kids’ progress.  Remember, they don’t go to normal school.  They are homeschoolers.  No teachers, no report cards..heck, no exams!

What is the solution?

….keep reading!

Till next posting, ilal liqaa’ ya asdiqaa’.