SkypeMoms Malaysia

Semalam, Sabtu, hari yang penuh dan riuh.  Saya suka!

The morning started with a quick breakfast preparation – a healthy and wholesome tuna sandwich, with chopped cilantro (daun ketumbar), tomatoes, onions, sprinkled with lemon juice.  This would be our snack for Bengkel Asas Skype for Moms with Dr. Anita Adnan, Malaysia #1 Skype Mom, a mother of 7.  (I like this part)


As usual, I brought my assistants along, Maryam and Sarah.  They were ever so excited to step foot into Bangi Library for the first time.  Yes, that was the venue.  Once arrived, the girls set up the drinks, cookies and sandwiches on little IKEA stools.  If only they had put a price tag, it would look like a refreshment booth.

Why did I invite Dr. Anita to share about Skyping?993868_10200682341676173_1586162441_n (1)

I first met her online and was (and still is) hooked to her positive energy.  This is one multitasker momma who completed her PhD with all 7 growing children and a supportive husband around her.  She has been ‘bugging’ me to start skyping so I can reach more learners who can benefit from our FBI (Fasih Berbahasa Inggeris) program.

The world is Dr. Anita’s classroom – her students come from different parts of the world – and she can facilitate them from her home.  Coolness!


Learning solo is no fun.  So both of us decided to extend the invite to other ladies. It was a privilege to have my friends joining the session as well.  Sis Rasyidah Arshad, Sis Shomiriza Shomidon, Sis Husnul Huda accepted the invite.  We also had Cikgu Normah (painter/sculptor, actor trainer, director, scriptwriter, theatre instructor) and Dr. Wahiza (English lecturer) in the team.



I aim to start a Skyping project to expand our English programs and share our roadschooling stories with others – fellow moms to be exact.  Since Ridz and I are planning for homebirth (hahahaha this will be in a separate post), Skyping is a good avenue to share the experience.

Now that I have at least two projects in the pipeline, it’s time to get busy!


Next post:  to be confirmed

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