Sirah Lesson

Today we watched The Message with the kiddos. Watch – pause – explain – answer questions. It rejuvenates us as parents, as Muslims. Oh, the scene where Bilal was tortured, Sumayyah persecuted..we could see MuMu were ‘touched’. So many questions asked. ‘Who is that?’ ‘Why they put big rock on Bilal?’ ‘Is that a war strategy?’ (They were amazed with the battle scenes). I remember I first watched the movie when I was 8 or

The Message

9. My dad brought home a projector and we watched at home with the wall as the screen. From that day on, when I had to write my ‘biodata’ (u know zaman tulis-tulis autograf kawan dulu) I would put Anthony Quinn as my favourite actor (hahahhaa kononnya advanced la).

So all in all, my kiddos and us were touched by the movie. Kinda like a reminder for us. Could feel tears brimming in my eyes.

“O Allah! Help us be better, stronger Muslims. Amin.”

Casa-Escuela’s Movie Pick: The Message

More Games

One good vocabulary game is the Word Expansion game.

Simply write a long word on a white board and get the kiddos to find other words using the letters in the long word.

Note: 1. The long word must be related to something the kids are familiar with. Better still, find a word that they use a lot everyday. Eg. TRANSFORMERS, INCREDIBLE (‘Hulk’ of course), PLAYGROUND and PARLIAMENT (early exposure to politics :-))

P/S: (Once they asked about S*D*MY, then we told them about the story of people during Nabi Lut’s time. We mentioned something about the ‘unnatural’ thing a man would do to or with another man. Something bad, really bad and they said …”OIC” fuhh lega). They are very familiar with MURDER though. Do you know why? because their father loves CSI (Vegas) so much. Last month they had to endure 25 episodes of CSI season 7 in 3 days. Naturally of course, they would pick up and ask about the new words they heard.

Note 2: Use a white board instead of a book or a piece of paper. Our MUMUMA love the markers, the smell of the markers and the opportunity to write with it. It gives them sheer pleasure to write something and all the attention is on them while writing.

We didn’t tell them (MUMU i.e. Muhammad and Musa) what to write but we helped MA (Maryam). Most three letter words were hers. So here’s what they did last night and they can’t wait for another session.

Cahaya Permata recording with Ms Anne Ngasri

Coming soon to TV1, a new show on parenting and family life… Cahaya Permata.

I was invited as a guest for two episodes plus one.  My deepest appreciation to Dr. Tengku Asmadi for recommending me to the RSS Media production team.  It was a ‘chit-chat’ type of show and I had loads of fun with the bubbly and lovely compere – Anne Ngasri.  She looked so radiant (there’s a baby in her tummy!!) and was very friendly.

The show will be aired every Monday at 10 am.  Target audience? Mommies of course.  My topics were:  (1) Busy Parents – Kids Taken Care by Maids and (2) Training Kids to do House Chores.


Yesterday, we went to Varsity Cafe to quench our thirst and refuel our tummy. Sadly, the MEK was in warta (ke bintang?). We had the exotic Italian Soda and Strawberry & Cream (Maryam’s choice, of course!).

Sorry, tak sempat took pix of the food coz sampai aja dah diserbu oleh manusia-manusia yang kelaparan.

Alhamdulillahillazhi at’amanaa wa thaqaanaa…

Musa: “Eii..when is my turn? She just had that stghobeghi thing just now!”

my new biz in the making

In my journey to attract abundance rezeki for me and mi familia, I’ve ‘found’ my next line of product (ewah.. like..designer you..)

*drum roll por favor*

Stuff to make teaching and learning fun, enjoyable and entertaining!!!

Something that’s very close and dear to my heart – TEACH, LEARN, FUN.

InshaAllah, these are what I’ll be producing and creating with the help and support of my partner, kiddos, family and friends (I’ll never walk alone):

  • English learning pack for teens & kids (products related to our ESB Seminar)
  • STICKERS!!! (mi favorita) – here’s the first batch, fresh from the oven. Whaddayathink?

coachsha\'s stickerzone

  • card & board games (inspired by TABOO!, QURAN CHALLENGE, maybe even CLUEDO)
  • GRAMMICS (Grammar Comics – need help from cartoonist)
  • WOWwords (a booklet with list of words to impress others!!muahahaha)
  • series of mini-books/e-books of teaching ideas & resources for English teachers; and
  • OUR ULTIMATE DREAM: turning English Sure Boleh! Seminar into a book and make it a bestseller!

These are my dreams. Writing them down really helps to CLARIFY and STRENGTHEN them.

Sure, it takes time to materialize them..but let’s take it a day at a time.

p.s: InshaAllah, by November 2008 I must have registered as a PhD candidate in a nearby U. Aamiin.


To my dear Mektwain and the gang:

Forty winks is an English idiomatic noun that can be used in the singular or plural and means: to take a nap for a short period of time (usually not in bed), or to take a short sleep during the day. winks

To emphasise that forty winks was a nap not taken in a bed Lewis Carroll used the idiom in his novel Sylvie and Bruno when the main protagonist is constantly nudged by the Master of Ceremonies who is saying, I can’t let you sleep here! You’re not in bed, you know!; he replies, I know I’m not, I’m in an arm-chair, whereupon the Master says, Well, forty winks will do you no harm and walks off.[6]

…done this before? *wink, wink x20*

My Kiddos’ Classroom…

is the world. But when at home, in our cozy casa, this is where the kids hang out with their coaches, Coach Ridz & Coach Sha aka Abi & Umi.

The Board of Direct-ion

The Rackademics – books, mags, games

The Round Table – for fun practice

The Lounge – real comfy for ‘forty winks!’

The ’emergency’ curtain – nailed to the wall to trap the cool air.

The Outdoor – for arts and PE

My dearest..

Sis Mynie, Sis Ummuseif,
Sis Helena,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments, ideas and feedbacks on the “Ideas..Por Favor” post.  Thank you!  You are the best!  Muchas Gracias!  I’m speechless!

and to my darling sis Anamiraa… thanks for the thought (hehehhe).

Sis Diba… oh..still haven’t ‘erased’ the IQ blocks ad (sworry!)

and to THE mamafiza –  keep rockin’!

May Allah bless us all.  Aamiin.