Mu-Mu Karate Grading

Yesterday was Muhammad and Musa’s Karate grading. From white to yellow. FYI, it was Musa’s first ‘public encounter’ with kids his age. Muhammad blended well (he’s a people-person). Musa kept asking me – “Why do we have to line up?” Never had to line up before, sih!

It was an exposure for them. When it was their turn to do the ‘kata’, Umi was the one who got nervous. Musa is sitting next to me now while I’m typing and he said, “Musa got nervous!!”.

I’m thinking of taking up karate as well. My kiddos are one belt ahead of me. Watchaa..Kiyaaaii…Umi’s gonna getcha!

*promo: if you live around Bangi-Sri Putra-Putrajaya area, come join Karateworks at Bandar Sri Putra. Sensei Fadhil. Next grading, August!

**Thanks Mark-Lung for such happening collage!  You are the best.

Catch us on TV

Yoohooo….anybody home?

InshaAllah, in conjunction with Isra’ Mi’raj (27 Rejab), mi familia will be on TV. Acting. “MY ESSENTIAL JOURNEY”(MEJ) – a docudrama in English about celebrating and reflecting the ‘hikmah’ of Isra’ Mi’raj.

OK…I’m just the supporting actress (hey..I’m the ONLY actress lah!!!) My better half and Bro Abed are the lead actors. Muhammad, Musa and Maryam are the kid actors. No kidding!

MEJ is a sequel to MY EID FITR (aired first Syawal last year, TV1). So, not really a debut, more of second appearance.

“I’d like to thank the team from HandyPro for believing in my talent, yadayaadayadadayblablaablaa….”

Here are some snapshots – behind the scene – the making of- My Essential Journey. Enjoy!