My first ever appearance on TV was back in 2003 – Inspirasi Pagi RTM1. I was recommended by Dr. Shukri Abdullah (BijakBelajar Seminar) – RTM was looking for a new and fresh face and I have good topics to offer.

Since then, I have been a frequent face on the show (which is aired VERY early in the morning at 6am). My topics are mostly on how to make this life simple and the world a happier place. Plus, being a coach who mingles with teens a lot, I also choose topics related to teens.

Besides RTM, I was a guest on Astro Tanya Linda twice and Malam Ini ZR. Last November 08 I sat on a comfy Wanita Hari Ini sofa talking about teaching reading to kids. Plus I recorded 5 episodes with TV9 Motivasi Murid on learning a second language.

My style of talking – make people feel good about themselves. I’m into a high-intensity ‘ceramah’. I don’t make people cry, I prefer not to speak in a high pitch (‘berapi-api’), I abstain from talking about problems.

In contrast, I treat my morning talk as light as possible. I want to make viewers and listeners smile, laugh and just feel good. How do I do that?

  • by making sure that I, me, myself SMILE first.
  • by looking pleasant and cheerful, wearing bright colours for my recording
  • by including LOTS of stories – we love stories!!
  • by inserting some jokes – using facial expressions and playing with the voice, and funny stories
  • by sharing real life incidents – mostly funny and embarrassing moments
  • basically, I just enjoy myself. It’s not everyday you got to be on air, right?

It makes me grin (a huge one too) when…
One of the producers told me that lorry drivers love my talk. Wow!!! They are on the road EARLY in the morning, and usually at 6-7am they stop for breakfast. The stalls and warung would turn on TV1 first.

A lady selling laksa in Taiping stared at me for a long time. That was back when RTM aired me 4 days in a row. When I went to pay she asked me, “Adik ni yang kat tv pagi tadi kaaa?” (No, I didn’t get free laksa. sob sob).

Another laksa-lady, also in Taiping. ( a laksa lover). She said, “Akak pernah tengok kat TV ni. Akak ingat ceghita pasai yang cincin kawin hilang tu kan? Pastu adik kata, ‘cincin hilang tapi jari masih ada’ kan?” Heheheh..that’s me alrite..yup and ringless me. (Still had to pay for my laksa. uwaaa)

Mak told me that staff at her faculty loved my stories. One makcik particularly loves the ‘cerita katak pekak’. That made MAK grin on my behalf.

One of my dad’s morning walk friend told him that he just got a new favourite speaker on TV. (Nope, he’s not referring to a real speaker that lets the sound come out.) Abah asked, who? Friend said, ‘Rasheedah Zakariya’. Hahahaha, that’s my daughter. ‘Laaa patutla muka sama macam hang. Style pun lebih kurang.’ Abah let him win the race that morning.

Mi familia was having a breakfast in Cameron Highland. Kecoh, kecoh with kiddos. A couple nearby glanced and stared at our table. (Is it because my kids are talking loudly? I thought). As were we getting up to leave, the lady came with a notebook asking for my phone no. “Rasa yang kat tv, tapi tak sure.. Rasheedah kan?” Hheheh..I gave her my card, she gave me hers.

I’m faaar from being a celeb like other big names in motivation. I’m not an expert, but a lifelong learner.

In this life, we learn, we make mistakes, we learn more. We share, we grow, we keep on learning. InshaAllah.

p/s: One of my dreams is to appear on Oprah. As an audience pun ok jugak.

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