Bertenang, bonda, bertenang. Sistem membantu kita bertenang. Dan menang.


Rezeki kita Allah sudah tetapkan.  Tiada kebetulan melainkan ketetapan.

Bermula dengan ‘friendly PM’ di FB, saya menghantar mesej ke Puan Siti Sarah, seorang usahawan online yang fokus kepada produk bahan bantu mengajar dan educational toys.

MashaAllah!  Beliau mengundang saya ke seminar khusus buat ibu sibuk dan kelam-kabut yang mahukan ketenangan dalam rutin harian.

Ahem, that sounds like me – always on the go, juggling tasks and activities and would love to have time for me-self.

Ini sudah bagus.  Pucuk dicita, ulam pegaga.  Syaratnya, di hujung program saya buat perkongsian 30 minit tentang Roadschooling.



Segala puji hanya layak bagi Allah Pemilik Nyawa kita, Pentadbir semesta.

Seminar yang dianjurkan oleh sahabat saya itu ialah Seminar Supermommy bersama Puan Husna Haron (

Saya suka konten yang disampaikan.

Puan Husna memindahkan kemahiran mengurus aktiviti harian yang merangkumi LAPAN elemen kehidupan.  Caranya, mesti ada SISTEM.

Apakah itu sistem?

Sistem ialah cara kerja ‘shortcut’.

Kemas rumah ada sistem.  Uruskan ‘laundry’ ada sistem.  Bagus, yes?

Saya suka dengan cara Puan Husna letakkan Al Quran sebagai sumber rujukan bagi mencari jawapan permasalahan yang kita hadapi.  “Bawa Al Quran di dalam beg tangan.”

Saya senang dengan penyampaian beliau yang berlapik – maksudnya, beliau kembalikan kuasa mutlak kepada Allah, Pentabdir semesta.


(Foto:  Bersama Puan Husna selepas seminar tamat).

———– S U R P R I S E —————

Memenuhi ‘syarat’ undangan, saya membuat perkongsian ringkas tentang perjalanan Roadschooling 🙂

Tiada yang teknikal.  Lebih kepada penceritaan, apa yang saya pelajari sepanjang perjalanan di ‘the road less taken’ ini.

Seperti yang saya kongsikan di Seminar Parenting 212 pada awal Mac tempohari, ada 4 P yang menjadi LEARNING POINTS peribadi saya sebagai seorang ibu roadschooling.

Tunggu posting seterusnya, inshaAllah.

MICF: Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair



In the Name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy.

On my 19th day of babymooning, inshaa Allah, the Roadschooling Family will be at MICF Parenting Conference for a one-hour forum.

Topic:  Parenting Out of The Box (with fellow homeschooler Madam Zaszima Abu Samah).

I will share more stories after the event.


Main masak-masak yang betul

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with a budding young chef at home.

Allahyarham Tok Ayah was a cook.  Both Opah and Tok Wen (the children’s grandmas) cook succulent dishes.

Today, we visited Lunatots in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras.  We went g00-gaa-gaa looking at baby’s stuff.  At Lunatots, Maryam found a book, ‘Kompilasi Dapur Si Kecil’, a compilation of recipes from Pa&Ma magazines.


So, for pre-dinner dish, Maryam prepared a Wow Whipped Potato and Eggcellent Egg Salad :))))


The recipes are simple and children-friendly.  Inshaa Allah tomorrow night, my friends and I are having a get-together and Maryam is already planning to prepare awesome appetizers.

For the record:  Umi pun belum pernah buat kentang putar ‘from scratch’.  Tabik Maryam.


Playing English

Taman permainan adalah tempat terbaik untuk ibu ayah menggunakan bahasa Inggeris dengan anak-anak.  Di sini tempat mereka beraksi – berlari, memanjat, menggelungsur, bergolek dan ada kalanya berebut.

Ambil kesempatan ini menjadi fasilitator pembelajaran anak-anak.  Pasakkan segala input berharga ke dalam minda mereka.
Go ahead and use English with them.  Lebih baik kita modelkan dahulu  keselambaan kita berbahasa Inggeris daripada menyuruh mereka “Speak English.”
All the best!


Roadschoolers’ Debut

We call this a one-hit wonder…only we wonder why it did not become a hit.. yet.

Watching this triggered my LOL mode.  Seeing the boys in their childhood years (Muhammad was 6, Musa 5) and little Maryam pulling my scarf whispering for ice cream made me count my blessings twice.

My Essential Journey was a tv drama anchoring on the theme of Isra’Mi’raj.

In this scene, the boys just completed their solat jama’ and qasar, which is a privilege for traveling Muslims.  Instead of performing 4 rakaahs (bowing), they can shorten it to 2 only.

The day will come when the kids become adults and I become a grandmother (biiznillah) and we will watch this scene again.  It will be a hit then!

I’ve made a Misteak!

Uwahahaaaaawaaakaaakaa (this is craughing = crying + laughing)

I’ve made a BIG misteak. I mean mistake.  Of visiting the boys in the middle of their tahfiz camp.

After maghrib:

The ustaz called.  Boys crying – wanted to see Umi (hey, that’s me!! hooray, they missed me!!!)  Come on, I should be strong and persistent that my zuriat’s on a mission to ‘mantapkan penghayatan Al-Quran’.  And as advised by other parents who have sent their kids at young age to study Quran locally and abroad, I should remain cool and let them be independent.

After all, only till Sunday..then we’d be together again.  Happily ever after!

But that’s not how it happened.

I succumbed to emotion and persuaded Ridz (Abi) to come fetch them home. (oh, the devil in me wears Crocs tiruan)

So after Maghrib, the big hiace made its way across N9 and arrived in Melaka around 9 something.

We did not go to the madrasah straight away.  We stopped to call the Ustaz.  “Dah OK dah…”

Then the crime was committed…

Mistake 1:  Talking to your son over the phone.

Upon hearing my sweet and melodious voice, Muhammad started to weep and sob.  Suara bergetar.. “Umi..nak baalliiiikkk..sob sob..nak Umi..sob bob sponge bob”

Mistake 2:  Actually visiting them.

After the phone call, we went up and met them.  They ran out of the surau and hugged us.  “Nak balik!”

Mistake 3:  Having the intention to take them home.

Remember, innamal a’malu binniyat.  I was almost sure of bringing them home.  Ohhoo..almost.

After a loooong counseling session with the father, after much persuasion, after much reassurance..

We decided to leave them. NO GO, KIDDOS!!!

So long, farewell..see you Sunday!

So long, farewell..what's with the long face?

Their friend, Alif, was sobbing too. (initial plan nak angkut all three of them but Alif’s dad way stronger.  Alif must stay.  So how could Muhammad and Musa abandon his friend right?  That was our justification – You two must stay because if you go Alif will be all alone.  It’s not fair to leave him, right?  Trio in mission, remember)

Ridz asked me:  Are you ok with this (leaving the kids)?

Me:  Sure (bukan dalam nada ceria gembira menang motor)

Ridz:  Go inside the van now. ( a warrior protecting the damsel in distress)

Me:  Sure.

I hugged them.  Muhammad was holding my body not wanting to let go.  Musa was crying in his heart.  Dada berombak-ombak, hidung kembang-kembang, mata berair.  I kissed them, touched their heads and took Sarah and Maryam and Aisyah to the van.

Muhammad was screaming “NAK IKUT!!!!!!!!”  The Ustaz had to hold him.  Musa remained seated with tears in his eyes.

Subhanallah…my heart was heavy and light at the same time.  Can’t explain…

In the van, while having Sarah on my lap, tears were pouring cats and mice.

Allah knows best.  Got SMS from our friend, Hafiz – Alif’s dad – a doa.

“Rabbana yassir lana, wa la tu’assir ‘alaina, ya latheef.  Ya muqallibal qulub.  Thabbit quluubana ‘ala diinika”

p/s:  Don’t visit your kids in the mid of separation.  Trust Allah and…berdoalah!

It’s a holi-holiday..hooray

Two weeks off – school holiday! (No seminars, but homeschooling goes on as usual).

So my casa-escuela gang spend time at home, organizing our school area upstairs.  Pictures shall be posted soon.  Hey, I even had my Personal English Coaching session with my two lovely students there.

We put a/c there.. so it’s nice and cozy.  To trap the cool air, Mr. Handyman Ridz Tim Allen, nailed 4 metres of curtains from ceiling down.  Yup!  Nailed!!! No railings whatsover.  Just nailed that curtain directly to the ceiling.

So much for Casa Impian..but hey, it works for Casa-Escuela..Muahaahaa!!!

Found! Mind & Attitude Challenge for Kids and You

Kids love playing with blocks. They love to create things. So, when we bought HiQu blocks for Muhammad and Musa, they were enthralled! Super-duper excited! Hey, even I had to wait for my turn to play .
What’s so cool about this block-of -fun?
  • It challenges your IQ.
There is a cute little booklet with 100 figures. Your task is to make each figure using the blocks (4 blocks with different shapes) under the time given. You must use ALL blocks. Sounds easy? Hehehh.. give it a try.
Of course, the challenge starts from simple to complex – from a 5-minute time limit to 15 minutes (per figure).
For example, if you can complete the first page, then your IQ level is 100. The highest? 150. Mine? Getting there…
  • It’s an ATTITUDE test

Playing with HiQu blocks teaches your kids and you to keep on trying. My bet is, you won’t be satisfied until you can complete the challenge. “Eii..tak puasnye bila tak boleh buat! Nak cuba jugak!!!” -kinda attitude. So, instead of preaching to your offspring “WE MUST PERSEVERE”, “NEVER GIVE UP”, “USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN” (zzzzzz), giving them these blocks does the job.

  • “Where can I get this block-buster fun-tastic educational toy?” (I heard you asking yourself that question.)

Contact yours truly by e-mailing me:

1 set is RM 10 only!!!!
Buy 5 sets for RM 40!!! What a deal, mum and dad.
We suggest you keep a stock of HiQu blocks at home, in the car. That’s what we do. A perfect gift for your nieces, nephews, friend’s kids, friend’s kids’ parents, boss’ child, your professor, your partner, anyone
They’ll remember and thank you for such a mind-opening experience.