Our activities….update.


KTM komuter ride


Executive Coach...massage seat


If the 2 guys were not there. The whole bus would be for us only....heaven. Roadschooling rules!


Maryam helps Opah with a Pomegranate tree.


The train ride to Taiping.


Sky Pool at Flemington, Taman Tasik Taiping

Wednesday is our Taiping Trip.

Selasa malam atau Rabu pagi, kelihatan van hiace menyusuri lebuhraya membawa penumpang yang sudah lali dengan kembara ke sana sini.

KL-Taiping tidak terasa jaraknya kerana………..alah bisa tegal biasa!

Agenda utama berkelana ke sana:

1.  Ziarah Opah Muhammad & the gang

2. Khidmat servis untuk pelanggan Score A

3. Bersantai

Animal Planet

Homeschool is cool because we get to visit public attractions on weekdays.  No crowd, no jam.  Cheaper rate sometimes.

Recently, we visited the animals at Taiping Zoo.  Being the only family there, we got the animals’ attention!

IMG_1723 The parking lot should be called parking ‘few’.  Awas!  When you have so many spaces to choose, jadi rambang mata pulak.  We opted to park Baby Hiace quite far from the entrance .. ada unsur-unsur keluarga sihat.  That was the theme of the day actually because we started that beautiful Monday morning with a swim at the pool!  Splashing fun.

POOL-un swimming! (=pulun means all-out)  IMG_1713

Heaven!  We did not plan for this swimming thing – hence no bathing suit packed for this trip. (Otherwise, you get to see me parading my perfect figure by the poolside, ay caramba!) *astaghfirullah*

For RM2 per head, this is what we call ‘rezeki’!

Then, off to the zoo!

IMG_1727 Lesson 1:  Buying Ticket

– Multiplication Challenge: How much for two adults, three kids and a baby?

–  Polite Expression:  Request for tickets in a polite manner, please.

–  Giving appropriate answers when people asked, “Tak sekolah ke hari ni?” (No school today?)

–  Wanted to teach them to line up and wait for your turn but… no line!!  Well, privileged folks we are!

The rest of the lessons were all about animals!


Next dream destination:  Singapore Zoo