2012 Mission: Off to school

It’s the first day of school, January 3, 2012.

The house is quiet except for  the whirring of our loyal washing machine in the kitchen balcony.  I hear the rumbling of morning traffic from NKVE.  I catch voices of kids from neighbouring apartments.  Nevertheless inside, the house is serene.

The homeschooling troop has gone to school!

It’s official.  MuMuMaSa (the acronym) are officially students of Akademi Darul Huffaz.  As the name suggests, they spend half of their day reciting, memorizing the Quran.  For the little one, she is on Iqra’ 3 but she catches bits and pieces of Surah Yaasin.

Learning by catching – how natural for kids, right?

Why the change from homeschooling to normal schooling, I ask myself.

“Going to a school is part of our homeschooling syllabus.”

Well, as our nature of business evolves, family routine changes too.

In our family mission to groom a hafiz & hafizah (a person who memorizes the Quran), we have to delegate the ‘guided memorization task’ to a professional.  Let the experts do the job, and we follow-through at home, in the car, outside the classroom.

They will be home by 3 pm.  With stories to share, I bet!




“HIE: Hafazan is Easy” – 13 seats booked so far!

Assalamu’alaikum parents, parents-to-be, educators, Muslim brothers and sisters:

Have you always wanted to memorize the Quran (or at least some Surah from the Quran)?

Do you want your kids to be a hafiz or hafizah?

Do you desire to appreciate the Quran better and have it ‘stored’ in your mind and heart?

If you answer “Absolutely!”, then we’d like to invite you to take part in a homeschool talk at Coaching Zone, Equine Park, Seri Kembangan.

HIE:  Hafazan is Easy, with Ustaz Wan Zikri

Date:  15 December 2009 (Tuesday)

Time:  8 pm – 10 pm

Venue:  Coaching Zone, Equine Park in Seri Kembangan, Selangor


Last Tuesday, Ridz and I flew to Besut for English Program at Imtiaz, School of Excellence.  Ustaz Wan Zikri (former CEO of Imtiaz) on behalf of Pusat Minda Besut invited us to conduct a one-day workshop for Imtiazians.

MashaAllah, we were impressed with the hafiz/hafizah (they have memorized 30 juzuk by by the age of 15) and at the same time have the potentials to speak English with style!  Seriously, we experimented with different accents and they sounded so natural.

After all, one who recites the Quran regularly has conditioned his/her vocal chords to make any sound a human can produce.

Once back in Bangi, we met Ustaz Wan again over a cup of tea.

He asked about our homeschooling module and when we mentioned our aspiration to train Muhammad and Musa to memorize the Quran, Ustaz Wan got us excited with the 3T module that they use at Imtiaz.

Good things must be shared, right?

Hence, we’ll have our first homeschool talk this December InshaAllah.  If you are not a homeschooling parent, you are most welcome to join the session as well.

E-mail me:  coach_sha@yahoo.com (re: HIE)

Imtiaz Besut TeamPhoto:  (L-R), Mr. Fakru, Ustaz Wan, Ridz, me and Mdm Suhaila

Superb Sunday

Alhamdulillah..what a splendid Sunday we had.

Morning – off to a picnic. Congrats to Mommy Lyna for planning and executing the program.  Bab execute ramai orang surrender, so hats off to her and Sis Fid and Sis Yaya and the rest who gave their labour of love for the picnic.

Ridz, Me, Sarah, Maryam and Ngah on the side (our Cambodian helper).  We managed to play “Hammer-Hammer” 2-3 rounds only.  So sorry coz we had to rush to Jalan Duta after that.  I wish I could stay longer and played more games with the sporting moms and dads (yup, they are very selamba).  Next time, Inshaallah.

triple thanks to LittleMama of Moms Bloggers Planet for the photos.

11 am – Radio IKIM with DJ Ahmad Nazri.  Yoohoooo  Yeehaaaaa on air with Ridz.

– see, the whistle from MSK get2gather masih setia dipakai –

MashaAllah, what a rezeqi to get almost 45 minutes worth of air time promoting EPL and our company, coaching zone.  First time masuk radio..nasib baik muat.  It was kecoh and riuh (as planned hehehe) apatah lagi both of us ‘gila mikrofon’.  Right after that, Michael Buble was singing nonstop (my ringtone lagu “everything”) and SMS started pouring in.  IKIM listeners booking their seats for EPL.  Alhamdulillah..

We gave away 2 free tickets – yang menang both males, both nama Amar, menang buku silapmata Ammar plus our EPL tickets.  Yang amat best, one listener, Mr. Arif, siap catat notes on his PDA while waiting for his wife at the Pasar Ikan.  Thanks, Mr. Arif – you are the best.  For those who’d like to know what we talked about, visit his blog ya.

12 noon – off to Madrasah al Qurra’ to pick up Muhammad and Musa

hidangan dulang nasi briyani gam - sponsored by Hamba Allah

hidangan dulang nasi briyani gam - sponsored by Hamba Allah

The most awaited event of  the week.  We were late.  We missed their hafazan test.  Thanks to Mr Hafiz for catching the event on video.  So glad my kids stayed till the end.  Alhamdulillah (remember the mistake  I made last Wednesday?).

Both boys hafaz Surah ‘Abasa and An Nazi’at.  They’ve had a head start at Casa-Escuela with Ustaz Ridz.

Oh…their luggage…mhhpphhh…the smell of one week worth pakaian yang dibasuh oleh budak-budak lelaki…itu pun banyak yang tak terbasuh…hamhhhhhhmhllphhhh…tahan nafas

2 pm – off to Batu Pahat for cousin’s wedding……………..back home Monday night.

Sarah disuap Briyani Kambing oleh Yot

Sarah disuap Briyani Kambing oleh Yot

What a fulfilling Sunday!

I’ve made a Misteak!

Uwahahaaaaawaaakaaakaa (this is craughing = crying + laughing)

I’ve made a BIG misteak. I mean mistake.  Of visiting the boys in the middle of their tahfiz camp.

After maghrib:

The ustaz called.  Boys crying – wanted to see Umi (hey, that’s me!! hooray, they missed me!!!)  Come on, I should be strong and persistent that my zuriat’s on a mission to ‘mantapkan penghayatan Al-Quran’.  And as advised by other parents who have sent their kids at young age to study Quran locally and abroad, I should remain cool and let them be independent.

After all, only till Sunday..then we’d be together again.  Happily ever after!

But that’s not how it happened.

I succumbed to emotion and persuaded Ridz (Abi) to come fetch them home. (oh, the devil in me wears Crocs tiruan)

So after Maghrib, the big hiace made its way across N9 and arrived in Melaka around 9 something.

We did not go to the madrasah straight away.  We stopped to call the Ustaz.  “Dah OK dah…”

Then the crime was committed…

Mistake 1:  Talking to your son over the phone.

Upon hearing my sweet and melodious voice, Muhammad started to weep and sob.  Suara bergetar.. “Umi..nak baalliiiikkk..sob sob..nak Umi..sob bob sponge bob”

Mistake 2:  Actually visiting them.

After the phone call, we went up and met them.  They ran out of the surau and hugged us.  “Nak balik!”

Mistake 3:  Having the intention to take them home.

Remember, innamal a’malu binniyat.  I was almost sure of bringing them home.  Ohhoo..almost.

After a loooong counseling session with the father, after much persuasion, after much reassurance..

We decided to leave them. NO GO, KIDDOS!!!

So long, farewell..see you Sunday!

So long, farewell..what's with the long face?

Their friend, Alif, was sobbing too. (initial plan nak angkut all three of them but Alif’s dad way stronger.  Alif must stay.  So how could Muhammad and Musa abandon his friend right?  That was our justification – You two must stay because if you go Alif will be all alone.  It’s not fair to leave him, right?  Trio in mission, remember)

Ridz asked me:  Are you ok with this (leaving the kids)?

Me:  Sure (bukan dalam nada ceria gembira menang motor)

Ridz:  Go inside the van now. (wah..like a warrior protecting the damsel in distress)

Me:  Sure.

I hugged them.  Muhammad was holding my body not wanting to let go.  Musa was crying in his heart.  Dada berombak-ombak, hidung kembang-kembang, mata berair.  I kissed them, touched their heads and took Sarah and Maryam and Aisyah to the van.

Muhammad was screaming “NAK IKUT!!!!!!!!”  The Ustaz had to hold him.  Musa remained seated with tears in his eyes.

Subhanallah…my heart was heavy and light at the same time.  Can’t explain…

In the van, while having Sarah on my lap, tears were pouring cats and mice.

Allah knows best.  Got SMS from our friend, Hafiz – Alif’s dad – a doa.

“Rabbana yassir lana, wa la tu’assir ‘alaina, ya latheef.  Ya muqallibal qulub.  Thabbit quluubana ‘ala diinika”

p/s:  Don’t visit your kids in the mid of separation.  Trust Allah and…berdoalah!

Muhammad & Musa off to Melaka

For the first time… our family has made a ‘hijrah’ – a migration.  Muhammad and Musa are away for ONE WEEK to attend “Kem Penghayatan Pemantapan Quran” at Madrasah Al-Qurra’ in Alor Gajah, Melaka.  Actually, not one week but 8.5 days.

We got to know about the madrasah last year, while doing Infaq.  Coach Ridz interviewed Prof. Musa of IKAZ (Institut Kajian Zakat) UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka.  Prof. Musa, an accounting professor, is the founder of Al-Qurra’.  His two huffaz sons, Ustaz Yazid and Ustaz Yusuf manage the center.

*huffaz is plural for hafiz – one who memorizes the entire Al-Quran.
Future Huffaz with their Ustaz

Future Huffaz with Fathers & Ustaz. Prof. Musa in blue jubah

Muhammad and Musa’s friend, Alif (from Batu Pahat) joined the camp as well.  Just nice, a trio on a mission.

"Doa before 'berangkat' - ala-ala going for Haj"

"Doa before 'berangkat' - ala-ala going for Haj"

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, presenting…

"Kids + Kolah = Splashing Fun"

"Kids + Kolah = Splashing Fun"

Spacious Hall - beds at the back

Spacious Hall - beds at the back

What Muhammad packed - notice the cologne?

What Muhammad packed - notice the cologne?

Double-decker, double fun

Double-decker, double fun

Squiggly Jawi by Musa

Squiggly Jawi by Musa

Muhammad spotted a moustache!

Muhammad spotted a moustache!