This Sunday on Radio IKIM

Assalamu’alaikum Casa-Escuela Readers,

Would you like to join me and my team for a one-day workshop next month?

Change of venue – not at Hotel Residence but at our freshly designed Coaching Zone Seminar Lounge.

InshaAllah, this Sunday we’ll be on air again – Radio IKIM – 11 am talking about catching English and promoting EPL and Cuti Sekolah Program for Kids and Teens.




One and only hip-and-happening playshop on Spoken English..

(you get to play and learn new things at the same time, hence the term playshop *wink*)

Date: March 1, 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 9 am – 1pm

Venue: AMPAC, BB Bangi (opposite Masjid Hasanah, on top of Klinik Kanak-kanak AnNur)

Head Coaches: Coach Sha & Ridz

Your Investment: RM85.00 per person (booklet included)


  • Creating an English-friendly Surrounding

  • WWE: Wrestling with English (yup ladies..we will wrestle!)

  • Hearing vs Listening

  • Speaking with Style

  • Stuck? SIMPLIFY!

Muhammad Faaleh, Mauritius (Playshop @ IIUM): “I was with you guys for 4hrs dsc00964today! Truly, it was awesome; may you guys succeed and keep improving in your aims. Well I am a very fluent speaker in more than 5 languages alhamdulillah including English, but whatever i gained through your seminar today was simply awesome. This is what is missing in the curriculum of our schools and universities.”

Kindy & PreSchool Teachers (Shah Alam Playshop, Aug 2008):

Very clear and simple and applicable”
“Very nice English”
“Masya Allah, Alhamdulillah, Very good” “Easy to understand”
“Penyampaian yang bagus dan skills dan cara penyampaian mudah dan dsc00109berkesan”
“Sempoi and fun. I have more fun in this seminar. Thanks a lot to Coach Sha and Ridz. Mercy to both of you”
“Excellent. Changeover of speakers very smooth. flow and transition of topics very natural”


Tuan Shamsuddin Kadir ( “If there are 10 stars, I will give 9.9 stars. You are great!”

Tuan Osman Affan ( “Great! That’s why I’m here again.”

Mdm Liza (Playshop @ MIROS): “The feedback was awesome. People here are talking about it. Powerful impact to everybody here. All I heard was “We want more!”

Now is your chance to experience the fun of ‘wrestling with English.’

To book your seat(s), please e-mail me your name and hp no: