0 – 7: TOUCH n PLAY


This post is a reminder for the writer – I got ‘suntikan tazkirah’ from a ‘selamba rock’ bro who owns bundle/vintage store at Plaza Campbell yesterday.  Bro ni jual jam, jeans, kasut, t-shirts dan macam-macam lagi yang memang ‘rock’ dan merupakan ‘collectors’ item’. (Imagine, sepasang jeans ada yang mencecah Rm1k).

Tapi bila sembang ada saja hadis yang terselit dalam kata-katanya.  Dalam bahasa yang sempoi habis – lu/gua beb!!!  One of the wake-up calls that I got was:

Kids up to 7 years old…belai, sentuh, peluk, cium, dukung, timang, geletek, gurau, main.  

Memang saranan Islam kan?  Kita semua tahu kan?  Tapi kita selalu terlupa kan?

Saidina Ali juga berpesan supaya kita mendidik anak
mengikut tahap kecerdikannya. Pesannya: pada tujuh
tahun yang pertama, bermain dengan anak kamu
, didik
anak kamu pada tujuh tahun berikutnya serta berkawan
dengannya pada tujuh tahun selepas itu.

Cabarannya, ramai ibu bapa (termasuk yours truly) kadang-kadang terlalu kalut, kecoh dan risau tentang perkembangan ‘akademik’ anak-anak.  Sampaikan anak-anak kita tak sempat nak nikmati keseronokan menjadi budak kecil bersama kita di sisi mereka.  Alhamdulillah, pilihan kami untuk ‘homeschool’ memberi lebih ruang dan peluang untuk bermain dengan mereka.

Sekali sekala, biarkan saja mereka main tanah (Dettol kan ada? hahaha).

Biarkan saja rumah tu bersepah (ooh…ni lah cabaran paling agung for me).

Bagi je mereka makan aiskrim ke Kam Kam ke Tora ke Ding Dang ke (nostalgia zaman dulu).

Nak mandi kat luar tu mandilah..ambil kesempatan ni untuk sental badan mereka *wink*

Tapi yang utama sekali, berikan mereka sentuhan kasih sayang daripada seorang ibu/ayah kepada seorang anak – selagi kita dan mereka masih hidup, InshaAllah.

So, go and hug and kiss your loved ones.  They need the dosage!

Catch us on TV

Yoohooo….anybody home?

InshaAllah, in conjunction with Isra’ Mi’raj (27 Rejab), mi familia will be on TV. Acting. “MY ESSENTIAL JOURNEY”(MEJ) – a docudrama in English about celebrating and reflecting the ‘hikmah’ of Isra’ Mi’raj.

OK…I’m just the supporting actress (hey..I’m the ONLY actress lah!!!) My better half and Bro Abed are the lead actors. Muhammad, Musa and Maryam are the kid actors. No kidding!

MEJ is a sequel to MY EID FITR (aired first Syawal last year, TV1). So, not really a debut, more of second appearance.

“I’d like to thank the team from HandyPro for believing in my talent, yadayaadayadadayblablaablaa….”

Here are some snapshots – behind the scene – the making of- My Essential Journey. Enjoy!

Hafazan Surah and Doa

Isn’t it lovely and heartwarming when our kids can recite Surah in their solat?

Isn’t it touching and soothing when our kids can recite doa after solat FOR US, their parents?

The key is repetition. Don’t worry if they can’t even read Arabic yet, but it’s helpful if they recognize alif ba ta.

We’ve tried this with our kids and we’d like parents out there to practice with their kids, InshaAllah.

  • Make a point to solat jamaah as a family, father as the imam of course.
  • After Al-Fatihah, father recites the surah you want kids to memorize.
  • Read the surah as often as possible during solat jamaah, in the car, at home, from CD or MP3. FEED their EARS!
  • Listen to them reciting the surah to you. This is the part where we as educators guide them with their pronunciation (i.e makhraj) and also a little bit of tajwid (2 harakat, shaddah etc).
  • Be patient!!!! This is the trying part. Remember when we learnt Quran or Muqaddam as kids. Sometimes we got frustrated right? So put ourselves in kid’s shoes (or crocs hahah).
  • Do it over and over and over, InshaAllah, even a 3-yr old can pick up the surah and reads it in her own language.
  • Tips: If one parent starts to ‘hilang sabar’ (maklumlah..manusia biasa kan?), the other parent takes over.
  • Tips: If they recognize the alphabets, write out the words – letter by letter- as visual aids.
  • The same process works for DOA as well. I’m sure most kids can recite Doa Makan right? Now, teach them Doa 4 Parents – “Allahummaghfirlanaa zunuubanaa..”

May Allah bless us all. Amiin.

Start a blog 4 your kids

Writing helps us to express ourselves. Like adults, kids have feelings too. They have stories to tell and share. They are just like us, only smaller and tinier in size.So, my latest project is starting a blog for my three kids, Muhammad, Musa and Maryam.

  • Let the kids create and decide what they want to write. As parents/coaches, we give ideas and suggestions.
  • Most kids nowadays are familiar with computer keyboards, so they can type on their own.
  • Another option is, have them write on a paper and you can type for them.
  • Any way you choose, give them the FREEDOM to express themselves.
  • Insert some images or videos. Kids love visuals and sounds.

Why blogging?

  • keeping up-to-date with the latest communication style
  • they SEE results! (C’mon, we as adults love seeing what we write appears on the net and get responses frm others right?)
  • when they see the product (i.e the blog posted online) they have the motivation to write more.
  • writing IS reading, and reading is power. Read more, know more, more power.
  • kids are natural storytellers – and honest ones too. We learn more about life by seeing the world from their eyes.
  • it’s EF..YU..EN.. FUN FUN FUN.

p/s: Check out my kiddos’ blogs (Muhammad, Musa, Maryam) – see blogroll – and leave some comments. They’d be honored to receive and read them.

CLUEDO anyone?

We’ve just a found a new fun game for the whole family. Presenting…CLUEDO!!!

I bought this game for my Spoken English Cuti Sekolah class last year. Never got the chance to play it because I was not patient enough to sit and read the instruction over and over. Muhammad and Musa saw the game. Well, anything new that’s nicely wrapped in a box with catchy illustration can’t escape kid’s attention, right? As usual, the begging and pleading “please-can-we-play-it” started. My answer, “Later-later-later. I have to study the game first.” (heehehhh, guilty as charged!)

Last night, finally CLUEDO became part of mi familia’s bonding session. Should’ve seen the looks on Muhammad and Musa and even Maryam’s faces! They got all excited and became extra helpful – running to get small container to put the tokens, getting pencils for everyone, susun itu ini sampai tereksiden la pulak.

Oopsie woopsie!! Ummie left the instruction at Janaminda. Maryam frowned at me (hahah thinking that she actually wanted to play was funny). So, I downloaded the manual from Hasbro website (gee whiz..9.8MB) while Abie proceeded to read whatever is written on the box.

If you are a parent or a teacher, please…never UNDERESTIMATE a child’s ability to understand a complex instruction. At first we wanted to make our own rules because we didn’t want to confuse the kids. But then, we’d be committing a big mistake of underestimating our kids. And if they cannot understand, it’s because we cannot SIMPLIFY things, right?

So how did we do it? The kids know CSI. So we told them we are all detectives like CSI people trying to solve a murder case. WHO killed the man? Using WHAT weapon? and WHERE?

Who won? This is tricky. Abie made the accusation first – WRONG! (tu la tak berkat sebab nampak Musa punya kad and Muhammad asyik ter’beritahu’ kad apa yang dia ada). Then Ummie’s turn. Haahaa WRONG! (tak berkat jugak sebab niat di hati nak lawan Abie). The kiddos’ attempt to ACCUSE was funny because…. (tell you later!)

The game is suitable for ages 8+, but mi familia managed to play it with Muhammad 6+ and Musa 5+. Not bad, aye?