We want more! We want more!

This post is dedicated to Mektwain and chocolate, cheese, cake, cupcake lovers out there.

It was drizzling. Mu-Mu just finished their karate lesson. Aiyoh..right after he bowed to the sensei, big bro blurted out, “Umi, hungry. Nak chicken wings!” (ek eh..siap request pulak tu). Rezeki that night, Mu-Mu’s Mak Ngah treated us for mamak-cuisine. It was already close to 9 pm and I didn’t want to keep Mektwain waiting.

At last after the boys’ trays looked clean and clear – after 2 1/2 helping- we made our move. Hooray, meeting my new blogbud!

No one can miss the Varsity Cafe! As I stepped in (giraffe-ing my neck to look for her), I saw another young lady did something similar (ostrich-ing coz she was looking out from the kitchen). “Is that a knife in her hand?” Hmm..she’s a chef for real! Confirmed!

So, the blocks exchanged hands. I got my dough..and cupcakes too!!! Gumbiranya hatiku. (Confession to mektwain: deep down inside my heart i was wishing that you’d give me a taste of your chocolatey creation. And I got not one but.. talk about abundance!)

After salam-salam, I made my way out. In the big van of fun, the kids were interrogating me – what’s that? from whom? can we have a look? etc etc. I told them about Mektwain and of course they remember coz Mek has visited their blogs before. As instructed, once home, I put the cupcakes in the fridge – for breakfast 2moro.

After the cleaning-up-b4-bedtime routine, Muhammad came to me. “Umi, can I have the cupcake? Please..abang lapar..”

(please..after roti telur and roti kosong?) He even added, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Lepas makan abang brush!” I succumbed. So, Mu-Mu had a midnite picnic on the kitchen floor INDULGING the choc cheese. They finished one each.

Today after lunch, mi familia had cupcakes for dessert. Selamat!!

“Dengan ini, kami warga casa-escuela coachsha hereby declare that mektwain’s cupcakes bring gastronomical delight to our family.” Salute to you!