Written by Mu-Mu

Oh!!! After watching Disney-after Disney-after Disney movies (PIXAR to be exact), we asked our kids to write a review/summary of their favourites. (Mine will always be Monsters Inc. “Chalooby, baby”)

They ‘handwrote’ in their exercise book, then typed on the laptop, published in their own blog. Here’s a copy (in case tak larat nak blog hopping). If you do visit their blogs, please drop a comment -itsy bitsy tiny weenie pun takpa – it’d make their day. *grin*

p/s: notice how their sentence structures are different. One goes for long and complex sentences, the other says it short and simple. Abie and Ummie helped with spelling and did not proofread (make corrections). Just to let the ‘water flow’..

from Muhammad’s Silver Boy Blog

Once upon a time there was a hard working ant.

It is Flik who like’s to invent things.

Princess Atta and her sister Dot and then there was their mother too.

The grasshoppers came to find food but there’s no food.

Flik is scared because Flik accidentally made the food fell down into the river.

The grasshoppers ask the princess, ‘where’s my food?’

‘Out there sir’ said the princess.

‘There’s no food out there. You think i’m stupid? let me see.. go.. go.. had oh my god what did you do ants?’

‘Come bring the wild hopper’

“Roar! Roar!’ said Thumper the wild hopper.

‘Aaaaaa’ said Dot. ‘Its okay, it is just a wild hopper’ said Hopper.

‘What are you hoppers waiting let’s ride’

After that the hoppers went back to their colony.

Now, taken from Musa’s 10,000 BC:

Yesterday i watched ant bully.

The ants said the jellybean is a sweet rock.

They called the street flat rock.

There was a boy named Lucas Nickle.

But everybody calls him Lucas.

His nickname is Peanut.

The potion changed Lucas into small like an ant.

Their enemy is a hornet.

Lucas just attacked one hornet.

When they fight, the ants won.

The boss hornet said “its bath time”.

Lucas has to train to become an ant.

But he doesnt want to train.

He wants to be big again.

When he burbs at the colony every ants hear.

They have one more enemy named Cloudbreather

They fight with the Cloudbreather using the hornet.