Batu Pahat Trip

Setelah hampir lima purnama tidak mengembara, akhirnya peluang untuk menjadi pengguna lebuhraya PLUS dan pelanggan Petronas pun tiba.  Pack up, kids.  We are off to Batu Pahat.  Yok, yok.

Lodging:  Haji Marni & Family Guesthouse, Seri Beroleh.

Tiga buku wajib bawa:

1.  Muqaddam/Iqra’:  Misi menghafaz juzu’ Amma (in progress, so far Abi’s leading.  Umi trailing faaaar behind)

2.  Dr. Kawashima’s Train Your Brain:

Strongly recommended!  Each day Muhammad and Musa will complete three sets.  Muhammad used to whine..tiba-tiba pening kepala bila kena buat Dr. Kawashima.  Musa enjoys ‘academic’ stuff like this.  Now, Muhammad’s latest time has improved to 7 minutes per set.  BIIIG difference!  Syabas son! Umi and Abi get a dose of training too when we check their answers.  Just what the doctor ordered.

3.  Peter dan adindanya Jane: This is for Maryam’s reading time.  My girl is reading now, Alhamdulillah.  Dunia terbuka luas dan cerah bila kita pandai membaca kan?  She enjoys reading signage, billboards, labels..on the road la katakan.  Bravo, Maryam!  Readers are leaders.

For the brothers, they use the advanced Peter and Jane series (the adventures yang melibatkan sepupu-sepupu P&J) for writing workout.  They copy the pages (2-3 pages at a time).  Good practice for penmanship, spelling, punctuation, vocab, plus FOCUS and PATIENCE.


For the first time, our family played futsal – Sarah included.  Caution:  for extra-protective moms out there, don’t try this at home.  Shoeless, shirtless, baby lying on unhygienic futsal ‘floor’.  My bad!  Oh well.. *wink*

IMG_1526Muhammad, Musa and Alif caught 15 ikan keli from Hj Marni’s pond.  (Hj Marni is the owner of the guesthouse.  Remember Alif?  He went to tahfiz camp with the brothers.  Alif is Hj. Marni’s grandson.)

I missed the photo-shooting moment because I was too caught up in my nap. *thank you, painkiller* (nada sinis).

All in all, it was fun to travel again.  We brought home one pokok pisang – a gift from my lovely Tok Wan, Hajah Zahrah.  Funny..when we arrived, her maid baru selesai tanam anak pokok pisang ni.  Then Tok Wan asked her to cabut balik pokok pisang..nak kasi Sheedah bawak balik.  (My family calls me Sheedah, by the way.)

What can you spot inside this van? Can see the banana tree, jr.?  What about bags of kerepek?  Can u spot the laundry too?

.IMG_1615 Speaking of kerepek, after our program in Parit Sulong, one of the English teachers took us to Kerepek Factory.  No oompa-loompa like the ones in Willy Wonka, ya.  Oh, pillows of kerepek waiting to be munched and crunched!

IMG_1613Before we left Batu Pahat, we fulfilled our promise to the kids – DURIAN indulgence!  Alhamdulillah, rezeqi durian lazat dan penuh nikmat.  Our style is to eat durian there and then.  InshAllah, we’ll get the best deal and setiap biji edible.  “Berbaloi-baloi!”


Next trip:  Taiping- Abi’s hometown

Next-next trip:  Kuantan