Sky Pool at Flemington, Taman Tasik Taiping

Wednesday is our Taiping Trip.

Selasa malam atau Rabu pagi, kelihatan van hiace menyusuri lebuhraya membawa penumpang yang sudah lali dengan kembara ke sana sini.

KL-Taiping tidak terasa jaraknya kerana………..alah bisa tegal biasa!

Agenda utama berkelana ke sana:

1.  Ziarah Opah Muhammad & the gang

2. Khidmat servis untuk pelanggan Score A

3. Bersantai

home’s cool coach

Ridz and I are seriously planning of buying a bus.

The interior will be renovated so we have spaces for beds, tables, mini-office, solat space, pantry, toilet.

We’ll call it HOMESCHOOL COACH – yes, pun intended!


(*Everything is created twice, first in the mind, next in reality* Stephen Covey)

Are we on the same frequency?

Superb Sunday

Alhamdulillah..what a splendid Sunday we had.

Morning – off to a picnic. Congrats to Mommy Lyna for planning and executing the program.  Bab execute ramai orang surrender, so hats off to her and Sis Fid and Sis Yaya and the rest who gave their labour of love for the picnic.

Ridz, Me, Sarah, Maryam and Ngah on the side (our Cambodian helper).  We managed to play “Hammer-Hammer” 2-3 rounds only.  So sorry coz we had to rush to Jalan Duta after that.  I wish I could stay longer and played more games with the sporting moms and dads (yup, they are very selamba).  Next time, Inshaallah.

triple thanks to LittleMama of Moms Bloggers Planet for the photos.

11 am – Radio IKIM with DJ Ahmad Nazri.  Yoohoooo  Yeehaaaaa on air with Ridz.

– see, the whistle from MSK get2gather masih setia dipakai –

MashaAllah, what a rezeqi to get almost 45 minutes worth of air time promoting EPL and our company, coaching zone.  First time masuk radio..nasib baik muat.  It was kecoh and riuh (as planned hehehe) apatah lagi both of us ‘gila mikrofon’.  Right after that, Michael Buble was singing nonstop (my ringtone lagu “everything”) and SMS started pouring in.  IKIM listeners booking their seats for EPL.  Alhamdulillah..

We gave away 2 free tickets – yang menang both males, both nama Amar, menang buku silapmata Ammar plus our EPL tickets.  Yang amat best, one listener, Mr. Arif, siap catat notes on his PDA while waiting for his wife at the Pasar Ikan.  Thanks, Mr. Arif – you are the best.  For those who’d like to know what we talked about, visit his blog ya.

12 noon – off to Madrasah al Qurra’ to pick up Muhammad and Musa

hidangan dulang nasi briyani gam - sponsored by Hamba Allah

hidangan dulang nasi briyani gam - sponsored by Hamba Allah

The most awaited event of  the week.  We were late.  We missed their hafazan test.  Thanks to Mr Hafiz for catching the event on video.  So glad my kids stayed till the end.  Alhamdulillah (remember the mistake  I made last Wednesday?).

Both boys hafaz Surah ‘Abasa and An Nazi’at.  They’ve had a head start at Casa-Escuela with Ustaz Ridz.

Oh…their luggage…mhhpphhh…the smell of one week worth pakaian yang dibasuh oleh budak-budak lelaki…itu pun banyak yang tak terbasuh…hamhhhhhhmhllphhhh…tahan nafas

2 pm – off to Batu Pahat for cousin’s wedding……………..back home Monday night.

Sarah disuap Briyani Kambing oleh Yot

Sarah disuap Briyani Kambing oleh Yot

What a fulfilling Sunday!

Catch us on TV

Yoohooo….anybody home?

InshaAllah, in conjunction with Isra’ Mi’raj (27 Rejab), mi familia will be on TV. Acting. “MY ESSENTIAL JOURNEY”(MEJ) – a docudrama in English about celebrating and reflecting the ‘hikmah’ of Isra’ Mi’raj.

OK…I’m just the supporting actress (hey..I’m the ONLY actress lah!!!) My better half and Bro Abed are the lead actors. Muhammad, Musa and Maryam are the kid actors. No kidding!

MEJ is a sequel to MY EID FITR (aired first Syawal last year, TV1). So, not really a debut, more of second appearance.

“I’d like to thank the team from HandyPro for believing in my talent, yadayaadayadadayblablaablaa….”

Here are some snapshots – behind the scene – the making of- My Essential Journey. Enjoy!

Kota Bharu

Casa-Escuela kids and coaches arrived in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. This is Sarah’s first trip to Darul Naim at the age of 4 months. Hey, this is also Aisyah’s (our nanny/tutor) first trip to Negeri Cek Mek Molek at the age of…..20 somethin’.

We stayed at Rumah Rehat Sri Anggerik in *WCY. A very spacious bungalow owned by Dr. Hisham, who operates his own clinic just across the street. 3 bedrooms, air-conditioned. Fridge, 2 rice cookers, a washing machine and a little TV available. We bring our own DVD player (always do). If any of you heading to KB and looking for a place to stay, e-mail me for Dr. H’s hp no.

*WCY = Wakaf Che Yeh

Maryam in her orange shades, feels at home in KB.

Rumah Rehat Sri Anggerik. (Sorry didn’t take photos of the interior, but on the record – it’s cozy.)

Yati Ayam Percik, Jalan Long Yunus. The best ayam percik gravy ever! Burp..Alhamdulillah.

Missing the net

Salam! Did you get it? Missing U. The letter ‘u’ is missing. 3 days in kota bharu, now in alor staq. Blogging via the lovely P990i sony ericsson.
More photos coming soon!
Mi Casa-escuela still goes on, thanks to Aisyah, our kids’ tutor – graduating engin student. Oh so sad, she’s flying to germany next week to work as a nanny there.
See, when we travel, we take the whole troop plus a helper (maksit) frm Cambodia plus a U-student as part-time tutor.
We are not superparents. We are human after all. We get tired, we get sleepy after talking n seminar-ing the whole day. That’s why we need these tutors to help us. we have a list of them, available on-call.
Wanna write more but typing on this super mini keyboard is troublesome lah.. heheh; TBC.

Hanging out in Kerteh

Alhamdulillah…mi familia has safely arrived to Sri Kembangan from Kemaman. Wanted to buy kopok lekor and hadiah to all my blog buddies..but niatku tak kesampaian. Maybe next time, ok.

If any of my dear readers heading to kemaman-kerteh-paka area, and looking for a place to stay, Kerteh Lodge has my vote. Every year, whenever our big van of fun has programs there, we’d make Kerteh Lodge our crib.

For only RM110 per night, you get a 2-room apartment, fully air-conditioned. Astro also available (minus movie channels). The kitchen is nice and clean. There’s a fridge and a big electric kettle provided. Rice cooker not provided (bawak sendiri le). McD is within a walking distance (the only one in Tganu so far, I think). For dinner, stalls are nearby.

Oh, one more thing, if you do ‘hand-laundry’, the clothes will dry quickly (tpt sidai baju dekat air-cond compressor! hahah). Pictures coming soon.

What to see in Kemaman-Kerteh? The ‘oil-refinery’ (not sure if this is the correct name). You can explain to your kids how the car gets its fuel. See, one topic covered for homeschooling!

In between traveling

My lovely, lovely readers… well mi familia just got back from a week-long stay in Teluk Intan. ‘Berkampung’ at the rest house there. (Quite spacious, so suitable when traveling with kids. Plus, restaurants, 7-E, post office, CC, bundle shop are within walking distance.) Ridz and I had a blast doing our ESB seminar at SMK Tun Abd Razak, Selekoh (STARS). For the whole escuela!!! Form 1 until Upper 6 and the teachers and staff too.

We went to STARS last year, during Ramadhan (yup, we do take bookings in Ramadhan). That was a few weeks before SPM 2007. The students who took part in ESB couldn’t get enough of it *wink*. Pn. Hjh Rahmah, the principal loved it. So, early January this year, she called me and booked us for the whole STARS population. By the way, when the SPM results came out last March, there was a 9% jump for English papers. (The school targeted 5% – so imagine how happy they were..are).

Oh, I must mention that we had a guest speaker for ESB4Teachers and Upper-6 students – Dr. Rohayu. I must tell my readers that she did a superb job inspiring the pre-U students to go ahead and dream. Dream big. I caught some of the girls wiping away their tears. What comes from the heart touches the heart! Bravo Doc!!!

Confession: She inspired me too (if you are reading this Doc, you are the best!) My goal – by November this year I must have registered for post-grad – PhD. Hmm…Dr.Sha.. sounds nice, kan? Ay caramba!!!

Hitting the road: Sungai Besar, S’ngor

Awwww…couldn’t make it to the smartkid exhibition at PWTC today (Sunday hopefully).

After ‘asr today, the big van of fun will leave the crib to go to Sungai Besar, right before Sabak Bernam. Everybody’s tagging along for this trip (as usual laah).

Tomorrow evening, will be back home. Then Monday, off again to Diamond Gulf, Perak. For 7 days!! Yee-haaa..

Thinking of taking them to see the firefly place – but haven’t discussed with Commander-in-Chief yet. But I’ve some lesson plans brewing in my head for this trip. In the van, among ‘wajib’ games include:

  • “I spy with my beautiful hazel eyes something that begins with the letter…”
  • Negeri-negeri (anyone played this before during schooldays). Our categories: Name, Country, Fruit, Animal, Thing, Vehicle, Song
  • Singing out loud
  • Listening to audiobooks and songs of choice (Muhd and Musa have their own MP3)

But our routine once Hiace wheels start to roll – Doa for traveling, Salawat and Zikr – loudly.

So, kiddos.. buckle up and ready for take off!

Did we do THAT?

On the way back from our Kelantan seminar trip last year, we stopped at Tasik Banding. If you go to Kelantan via Grik, Perak, for sure you will enjoy such a scenic view. We found a floating chalet (yup, you can feel the room swaying ala-ala Michael Buble 😉 )The highlight of this spur-of-the-moment mini vacation was….

the whole family jumping into the lake with life jackets (Abie, Umie, Muhd, Musa and Maryam and little Sarah in Umie’s tummy).

Imagine! We jumped into the deep, dark lake just like that! And none of us can really swim with style. Doggy-paddle or katak-style boleh, laa. Back then, I didn’t think of ‘bad thoughts’. I can remember clearly the voices inside my brain that time: “Either now or never. When will we get the chance to do this again. Masuk je…Rugi nanti..” And the whole of me complied.

Now, looking back, suddenly all ‘bad thoughts’ come flashing in front of my eyes – drowning (na’udzubillah), big animals swimming under the dark water, big monsters under the lake.. hiisssshhh…stop it, stop it!

Will I do it again? Hmm.. maybe not swimming in the lake but something else perhaps… like bungee jumping maybe?