Q- Parents kerja apa? A- ENTAH!?

For Roadschoolers, they do not just know what their parents do, they can imitate what their parents do. The style, the intonation etc.
Surprisingly or shockingly, they can ‘remind’ us of our advices that we said in our seminars/workshops. Once I said something negative, they would remind me by quoting my quotes.
“Abiiii, remember you said, ……”.
We loved it when they play ‘seminar..seminar’ where we would laughingly ask each other, “Is that me? Did I do that?”..hahaha
Sometimes when we skip certain parts of our seminar content, Sarah would ask me, “Abi, why didn’t you do that Read Think Relate thing?”.
They absorb like a sponge.
They are very observant.
They should only see good things coming from their parents.
Sometimes we forget that.
Let’s do more good deeds.


Maryam and Sarah are playing in the same room where Coach Sha is delivering her workshop at Khalifah Model School Ampang.


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