Roadschoolers’ Debut

We call this a one-hit wonder…only we wonder why it did not become a hit.. yet.

Watching this triggered my LOL mode.  Seeing the boys in their childhood years (Muhammad was 6, Musa 5) and little Maryam pulling my scarf whispering for ice cream made me count my blessings twice.

My Essential Journey was a tv drama anchoring on the theme of Isra’Mi’raj.

In this scene, the boys just completed their solat jama’ and qasar, which is a privilege for traveling Muslims.  Instead of performing 4 rakaahs (bowing), they can shorten it to 2 only.

The day will come when the kids become adults and I become a grandmother (biiznillah) and we will watch this scene again.  It will be a hit then!

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