Homeschool module 012012: Supersize our brain!

It’s a cold Sunday morning. It brings such a good memory. The only time we ever had our breakfast at McDonald was a few months ago and it was a rainy morning. The kiddos crave for McMuffin, Hash Brown and the ‘happy’ ambience at warong Mek Jono. But today, things are going to change…hopefully.
Today’s Homeschool module is…movie time. Presenting…Supersize Me!

So far, Muhammad and Musa survived. Too boring for Maryam and Sarah only ran back to watch when she heard catchy sound effects or music from the movie. Their assignments nevertheless, including Sarah is to write a movie review in their blogs. They may end up not wanting McD anymore or they might say I’m lovin it more than ever. For us, it’s the learning process that counts.

We love movies and we make sure we learn from all movies that we watch. We watch most of our movies in the car although it made the dizzy but it’s the best time to watch and brainwash with our ideologies. Pausing every now and then to elaborate and to answer mostly Musa’s out of context curiousity.

Can’t wait to read on what they have to say about the movie. Will there be a paradigm shift? or will they still wish that their next meal will be at McDonald’s?


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