Karate training at home – Full Gi

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Since we moved to Kota Damansara our kids have not had the chance to regularly attend their Karate sessions. It’s quite a loooong drive, almost boleh jama’ qasar.  We try to make sure they still remember the moves (ka ta) so that they can attend the next grading.

The moment the full gi is donned, the feel and aura of Karate helps them to practice seriously. especially with the sound of the gi everytime they punch and kick. Sarah hasn’t been a formal student yet, hence she’s quite free to wear whatever she likes. Don’t ask about the green belt she’s wearing.

The best part is the teaching session, Musa helps Maryam and Muhammad handles Sarah… ‘ Sempai ‘ as they call it. The best way to understand what they have learnt is to teach. We had fun kiyai-ing…


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