2012 Mission: Off to school

It’s the first day of school, January 3, 2012.

The house is quiet except for  the whirring of our loyal washing machine in the kitchen balcony.  I hear the rumbling of morning traffic from NKVE.  I catch voices of kids from neighbouring apartments.  Nevertheless inside, the house is serene.

The homeschooling troop has gone to school!

It’s official.  MuMuMaSa (the acronym) are officially students of Akademi Darul Huffaz.  As the name suggests, they spend half of their day reciting, memorizing the Quran.  For the little one, she is on Iqra’ 3 but she catches bits and pieces of Surah Yaasin.

Learning by catching – how natural for kids, right?

Why the change from homeschooling to normal schooling, I ask myself.

“Going to a school is part of our homeschooling syllabus.”

Well, as our nature of business evolves, family routine changes too.

In our family mission to groom a hafiz & hafizah (a person who memorizes the Quran), we have to delegate the ‘guided memorization task’ to a professional.  Let the experts do the job, and we follow-through at home, in the car, outside the classroom.

They will be home by 3 pm.  With stories to share, I bet!





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