of lesson and function

Assalamu’alaikum Readers,

Quick Tip to teach Maths to kids:

The most fun way to teach a lesson is to relate it to the real world.  So, when Muhammad and Musa asked about how to calculate 20% dividend (they were playing board games), I jumped at the opportunity for a super-quick ‘teaching moment’.

On the spot, we covered the topic PERCENTAGE.  What is 20% of RM140.00?

Since Muhammad loves to shop (and enjoys making money too), I connected the lesson with DISCOUNTS and SALE.

This morning, we visited their aunt’s furniture shop in Shah Alam.  They saw stickers and signs stating 5%, 10% 25% discounts.  What an opportunity!  There and then we did quick calculation APPLYING the lesson covered yesterday.

When they see the connection between “lesson” and “function” , InshaAllah our kids will appreciate education.

wallahu a’lam.


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