Homeschool SillyBus!

Homeschool lesson day 3 :

“This is it” …Michael Jackson.  

The kiddos watched on their own last night, this morning again with Abi. Short pauses every now and then. Lesson plan:

1. English of course. They tried to catch the lyrics from MJ’s songs. Believe me it wasn’t easy.

They fell in love with “Thriller”, “Beat it” and “Smooth Criminal”.

2. Art (the dance moves…we followed a bit).  Here’s the famous “crotch grabbing”  move.

3. History. I loved MJ, so when I explained, they could see the emotion along with the story how a precocious …yup , they learned the vocab “PRECOCIOUS”…spinning lead singer of Jackson 5 grew up.

His lonely life, the failed marriages, the scandal, the conversion etc.

4. Motivation. No pain, No gain! They can see the perfect dance moves, they loved it. I made them understand that those awesome and breathtaking moves didnt come easy…HARDWORK..oops not that word again..HARDPLAY.

We LOOOVE Homeschool! Homeschool ROCKS…MJ Rocks..Auw!


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