one month pause (1) – hafazan project

chaotic raya pose


Salam Aidilfitri!  Ramadhan has been a very fulfilling month for the whole family.  Alhamdulillah, Muhammad and Musa have started their Juzu’ Amma memorization project.  Way to go, kids.

Of course, this project is ongoing because memorization is not one-off kind of thing.  They must be able to recite or continue the ayat (verses) from any surah (‘chapter’ of The Quran) at any given time.  This makes the process challenging – and funny too.

Kadang-kadang start ayat surah lain, tamat surah lain pula.

One case in point:  Surah al-‘Asr.

Subhanallah, this surah is so short but this was what happened to Muhammad:

“Wal-‘asr.  Wa layaalin ‘ashr.” – Oops..astaghfirullah.  Ter-confused dengan surah al-Fajr daaa…

Both were so caught up with the longer surah (like Al-Inshiqaq, Al-Mutaffifin, An-Nazi’aat) that after they got these in their heads, they even forgot the verses in shorter surah.

Lesson here:  Repetition is key to mastery.

This is the ‘bling-bling’ of homeschooling.  It’s up to the parents to decide the syllabus for the kids.  What’s more practical – knowing the term PHOTOSYNTHESIS and knows who ALFONSO d’ALBUQUERQUE was

or being able to make use of the ‘longer’ surah in solat?

Usually, when asked “What type of syllabus” do we use in homeschooling, we’d repeat this:

“By the end of the day (not literally of course), what do you want your kids to be?  To have?  To do?”

You decide!

One thought on “one month pause (1) – hafazan project

  1. Super Coaches,
    Both of you are a great parents. I love the way you choose. Only the brave and superb parents can do this. Very challenging experience. Both of you will never stop exploring, researching and predicting the outcome of homeschooling. Allah gifted you the excellent kids, so do the kids- they are also gifted the excellent parents.
    The purpose of education is not for academic excellence only, whereby in our Malaysian schools that is the top priority. Thinking skills, socio-emotional development and spiritual wellness in developing their emotional intelligent- regrettably been ignored in our school system, even it is clearly stated in the Malaysian National Education Philosophy. In term of implementation, the teachers, the school management, the state education department and the ministry still not showing the positive efforts towards this. (Contohnya, ajar Sains & Matematik, takde pun inculcation of Islamic values…)
    The most important thing that need to be inculcated in our children’s cognitive development is the spiritual wellness- the awareness of the existence of God (Allah), and how the relation with Allah become the focal point in their way of life. I believe that both of you are capable to educate your kids in the right direction.
    My own experience, masa borak2 dgn parents yang nak ambik anak kat sekolah, masing2 sibuk dok compare, anak dapat nombor berapa? Markah BM, BI berapa? My Irfan is very playful. Well, typical boy type. Walaupun markah tak setinggi budak2 lain, overall % is 86, whereas anak2 org lain about 90 % and above, to me, its ok. I will never push him to study, hantar tuition to improve grades… Let him explore his school life, let him enjoy going to school, let him think what ‘school’ is all about, not going to school as a routine in his life, getting good grades is to make mama happy, doing homework to satisfy the teachers… To me, the most important thing is that, let Irfan think what a life is all about…

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