semangat karate

DSC00587Karate grading is one of the most awaited events for Muhammad and Musa.

Their first ever karate class was when Umi and Abi went away for seminars.  We were in Paloh Hinai.  So, Mak Sue (my lovely youngest sis) accompanied them to the dojo in Kota Damansara (from Bangi) naik teksi.

Nak dijadikan cerita, from Paloh Hinai in Pekan, Pahang I searched for a taxi driver.  Jumpa nombor pakcik yang pernah bawa kami ke KLIA.

“Pakcik, minta tolong pakcik ambil anak-anak saya dari Bangi boleh?  Pergi Kota Damansara.”

“Kota Damansara kat mana?”

“Takpa, Pakcik turunkan anak-anak saya dekat The Curve.  Nanti ada orang jemput kat sana.”

The deal was made.  Pak Ngah the Sensei picked the three of them from the location… a bit late.  Later, Pak Ngah told us how Muhammad made a long face because Pak Ngah did not pick them on time.  Afraid they were going to miss the class (padahal, bukan Pak Ngah ke yang ajar kelas tu?).  Hmm..

After our half-day program at PH ended, we drove straight to KD to pick them up.

Apparently, Musa refused to join the class.  He insisted that Mak Ngah (also a black-belter) teach him, not Pak Ngah.  Setelah dibedah-siasat, rupa-rupanya malam tadi Encik Musa bermimpi yang Pak Ngah jadi garang.  Jadi menurut firasat beliau, baik belajar dari Mak Ngah.  Safer, kot…

At last, both managed to complete their first lesson.  Susah-payah datang dari jauh, tanpa ibu dan ayah, berbekalkan semangat juang yang tinggi.


The funny thing is, the FIRST lesson is also the LAST lesson – for that year.

A year later, we migrated to SK.  Pak Ngah just opened his new dojo, Karateworks, at Bdr Sri Putra.

Thus began Muhammad and Musa’s karate journey.


Musa had (used to have) this strange habit of rolling his tongue when got nervous.  When his turn came up for grading, the tongue-rolling got more intense.  He looked so small compared to other students.  Imagine, first time performing in front of ‘strangers’.

Right after his turn ended, Musa ran out from the hall and broke down in tears.  I guess he was so tense and stressed out.  No questions asked. Biarkan…..


That was then, this is now.

Alhamdulillah, Muhammad and Musa have earned their purple belt.  For three days, the boys were down with flu and cough.  They almost missed their grading last week.  But karate is such a motivation for them.  Muhammad woke up early, performed his solat, took his shower, prepared the outfit.  Bersungguh-sungguh memajukan sukan untuk negara, abang kita ni.

I said, “I’m not sure you guys are up to it..better rest at home and go for the next grading.”

He ‘pujuk’ me that he’s all well.  He woke Musa up and both of them practiced outside.  Misi membuktikan pada Umi yang “Kami boleh dan kami mampu dan kami wajib pergi grading!”

Okay, mission accomplished.  According to Abi yang batuk-batuk menghantar si sulung dan si tengah ke UIA PJ, they performed all-out.  Berbeza dari grading-grading sebelum ini.  Kus semangat..

Congratulations, Muhammad and Musa.  A step closer to black belt!  Barakallahu fik.


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