Kisah Maryam

(got this picture from  Thank you)

Maryam loves ‘lepat labu.’  This Taiping-born girl spent the first three years of her life in Pokok Assam, Taiping.  She got early exposure to traditional kuih-muih and found a liking for ‘lepat labu.’


This is a picture of Maryam holding a baby pumpkin.  NOT!!!! This is asam gelugor.  The scientific name is Garcinia atroviridis. Below, Maryam explores kampung life.  The grey sheets are for ‘chilli farm’.  Bags of chilli plants will be arranged neatly on the bricks.  According to the farmer, white bags (see far back, near the house) scare wild boar away.  Interesting!


Alhamdulillah, Maryam turned five last week – August 15, 2009.  We were in Taiping and the whole troop (Abi’s side) gathered for kenduri berendoi dan majlis tahlil.  Just nice for a tiny b’day fiesta.  Tiny cake, for tiny princess, for tiny guests.  Yup, the cake was enough for the tiny ones only.  The moms aimed for the chocolate pieces (dinding kek) and the dads had no idea what’s going on.


p/s:  Maryam’s request:  Umi, birthday Maryam tak nak lagu ‘Allah Selamatkan Kamu’ tau.  Nak ‘Happy Birthday’.


3 thoughts on “Kisah Maryam

  1. finally maryam dpt bday party yeee…bestnye!! (ada basikal tersembunyi kat blakang almari tak??) happy birthday yumm yumm 🙂 hugsssss from maklang

  2. Ummu Abdullah,

    Agaknya lagu tu tak happening kot? Nak nyanyi lagu tu kena guna suara besar.


    Tiada basikal dalam almari, tiada kek aiskrim dalam bonet. Yang ada kelip rambut di dalam beg tangan berbulu-bulu pink.

    Happy belated birthday to you!

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