We cannot do it alone..

No man is an island.

We cannot do everything everytime alone.  We need others to help and assist us.  Teamwork is muy, muy importante not only for companies and businesses, but above all we need a strong teamwork to keep a family going.

Throughout our ‘home’s-cool-ing’ journey, we have had wonderful experience with our ‘nannies’.

Speaking of nannies… some of my favourite movies and sitcoms are:

and of course, the all-time classic, Mary Poppins!

Here at Casa-Escuela, we have our own definition of a nanny.  Our kids call them ‘coach’.  These coaches are university graduates, final year students and some even joined us while waiting for their SPM results.

What is their jobscope, you might ask?

Yes, we do have a maid to look after Sarah and execute household chores.  But when we travel for seminars, we have to leave the boys and Maryam at the hotel or guesthouse.  We can’t just leave them alone doing nothing, right?  Very cruella de ville to let them do what they like!  Absolute freedom leads to absolute chaos.

That’s why we need a ‘nanny’ to tutor them – to supervise their learning, play games, interact with them and teach a thing or two.

Leaving the kids with their coach gives us a peace of mind.  Not only that, the nanny-coach will buy lunch/snacks for kids when we have a full day program at school.  Bolehlah umi dan abi bekerja dengan hati yang tenang dan lapang.

The perks of being casa-escuela nanny-coach?

Travel ke ceruk pelusuk tanahair.  Makan minum ditanggung halal.  Own room (or sometimes share with Ngah our helper..depends).  Get to play with my kids (hahahaaa..bonus tu!).  Get to practice English with us (hihhiii double bonanza ni!)  Get paid (kihkihkih…very materialistic depa ni..)

Mereka yang telah ‘terjebak’ ke lembah casa-escuela adalah seperti berikut:

DSCN1893Miss Shima (left) and Miss Aini.  Our first ever nanny-coaches.  Aini was our Spoken English Cuti Sekolah student back in Taiping and Shima is Aini’s buddy.  Back then, we didn’t have a maid yet.  Maryam was 3 then.  Alhamdulillah, their parents merestui kerjaya sambilan mereka.  They followed us for almost a month to Pantai Timur while waiting for SPM results.  Superb job, I must say!  My kids adore them.  Imagine, once we had to go Sabah/Sarawak for two weeks and left the kids with my mom (Tok Wen).  Shima and Aini helped to look after my kids.

Much appreciated, girls! May Allah Bless You.  Both are in IPT now.

DSC00762 (2)Miss Aisyah followed us to Kelantan, Melaka, Teluk Intan and sometimes put up a night at our house when we have to be away for a day or two.  An engineering graduate, she is very independent and confident.  Aisyah loves to travel and she’s good with kids so this job suits her very well.  Now working as an engineer.  All the best, coach!


That beautiful lady next to Muhammad is Miss Hazimah.  She joined us during her final year final semester at a nearby university.  We were in the process of getting a maid and I was waiting for the day to deliver Sarah.  This photo was taken in my hospital room right after Sarah came out.  Hazimah was there to look after the kids and was one of the earliest people to kiss baby Sarah.  She’s now a Physics teacher.  We miss you, coach!

These are four of our regular nanny-coaches (ramai lagi tau).

Thank you, ladies.   May Allah Bless You!

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