What you focus, expands…takbir!

strike a pose!

Subhanallah!  What a fulfilling week for me, family and coaching zone team.

Tuesday, June 23,2009:  I was on Harian Metro.  My appreciation to Kak Noriah and Mr. Photographer Pak Ya for such splendid article and photos.  This is rezeki big time!  Three days to go before EPL and the article came out just at the right moment.  Those internet savvy readers managed to track my number and the phone started vibrating non-stop while my team and I were having ESB Seminar at SMKA Pedas.

(Full version here)

Saturday, June 27, 2009:  THE day!  The first ever English program (merangkap ladies’ day out) in Malaysia…presenting EPL!!!  (Applause + Cheer).

Sungguh kecoh makhluk-makhluk EPLites ya! (Quiz:  Can you spot a baby yang sedang lena diulit mimpi?)

We’ve got a vogue ustazah, a beautician, a PhD candidate, twins, Nasi Kerabu expert, expecting mom, researcher, future psychiatrist, IT expert, accounting lecturer/tadika principal..just to name a few.  Even one 13-year old ‘terselit’ sekali and so very sporting anak ustazah ni.  What a mix, what a match!

Theme of the day:  red/orange/white with blue in between

Alhamdulillah, we have received supportive and positive feedback from the batch sulung EPL.  They can’t wait for the first EPL Sisterhood Rendezvous (free of charge!).

By July, ladies.. we’ll meet at my favourite cafe and your first WRESTLING task awaits you!


One thought on “What you focus, expands…takbir!

  1. coach! you are the coolest!!

    seriously proud of you! 😀

    would love to join you session in future!

    perhaps as your assistant?

    heh 😛

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