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Five days to go before the big event.  Alhamdulillah, over the weekend, we have received calls from the sponsors, all eager to share fantastic freebies with you! is giving away a voucher plus FREE Art & Craft Session for kids worth RM25.00.  Not only that, for game winners, Sister Surayah Zaidon (owner/author) has contributed her books, Siri Awal Tulis and pre-schoolers reading series as well.

Ooohhh…more presents for you!

EPL participants will have the chance to take part in “Cepat Baca/I Can Read” workshop for FREE!  Zero ringgit!  What a bargain.  Personally, I have used the I Can Read series for my three kids and I am happy with the outcome.  They can READ!  (and the songs are so catchy!)

I have attended the I Can Read Workshop.  The speaker/author, Sister Zairani is passionate about reading education and parents and educators will benefit from the  program.  I sure did.

What?  You want more? Here goes…

For those who need chocolate to get excited, Sister Haridah of Tasneem Chocolate Garden has the right dose for you.  I love the almond chocolate bar!  (stop drooling please…).

InshaAllah, these ‘vitamins’ will give you the energy to ‘wrestle with English’.

Coming soon…..

Special offer from my favourite cafe!

The boss has given the green light, so just sit tight and I’ll let you know when the time is right.


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