I’ve made a Misteak!

Uwahahaaaaawaaakaaakaa (this is craughing = crying + laughing)

I’ve made a BIG misteak. I mean mistake.  Of visiting the boys in the middle of their tahfiz camp.

After maghrib:

The ustaz called.  Boys crying – wanted to see Umi (hey, that’s me!! hooray, they missed me!!!)  Come on, I should be strong and persistent that my zuriat’s on a mission to ‘mantapkan penghayatan Al-Quran’.  And as advised by other parents who have sent their kids at young age to study Quran locally and abroad, I should remain cool and let them be independent.

After all, only till Sunday..then we’d be together again.  Happily ever after!

But that’s not how it happened.

I succumbed to emotion and persuaded Ridz (Abi) to come fetch them home. (oh, the devil in me wears Crocs tiruan)

So after Maghrib, the big hiace made its way across N9 and arrived in Melaka around 9 something.

We did not go to the madrasah straight away.  We stopped to call the Ustaz.  “Dah OK dah…”

Then the crime was committed…

Mistake 1:  Talking to your son over the phone.

Upon hearing my sweet and melodious voice, Muhammad started to weep and sob.  Suara bergetar.. “Umi..nak baalliiiikkk..sob sob..nak Umi..sob bob sponge bob”

Mistake 2:  Actually visiting them.

After the phone call, we went up and met them.  They ran out of the surau and hugged us.  “Nak balik!”

Mistake 3:  Having the intention to take them home.

Remember, innamal a’malu binniyat.  I was almost sure of bringing them home.  Ohhoo..almost.

After a loooong counseling session with the father, after much persuasion, after much reassurance..

We decided to leave them. NO GO, KIDDOS!!!

So long, farewell..see you Sunday!

So long, farewell..what's with the long face?

Their friend, Alif, was sobbing too. (initial plan nak angkut all three of them but Alif’s dad way stronger.  Alif must stay.  So how could Muhammad and Musa abandon his friend right?  That was our justification – You two must stay because if you go Alif will be all alone.  It’s not fair to leave him, right?  Trio in mission, remember)

Ridz asked me:  Are you ok with this (leaving the kids)?

Me:  Sure (bukan dalam nada ceria gembira menang motor)

Ridz:  Go inside the van now. (wah..like a warrior protecting the damsel in distress)

Me:  Sure.

I hugged them.  Muhammad was holding my body not wanting to let go.  Musa was crying in his heart.  Dada berombak-ombak, hidung kembang-kembang, mata berair.  I kissed them, touched their heads and took Sarah and Maryam and Aisyah to the van.

Muhammad was screaming “NAK IKUT!!!!!!!!”  The Ustaz had to hold him.  Musa remained seated with tears in his eyes.

Subhanallah…my heart was heavy and light at the same time.  Can’t explain…

In the van, while having Sarah on my lap, tears were pouring cats and mice.

Allah knows best.  Got SMS from our friend, Hafiz – Alif’s dad – a doa.

“Rabbana yassir lana, wa la tu’assir ‘alaina, ya latheef.  Ya muqallibal qulub.  Thabbit quluubana ‘ala diinika”

p/s:  Don’t visit your kids in the mid of separation.  Trust Allah and…berdoalah!


7 thoughts on “I’ve made a Misteak!

  1. awwwww… terharu nye baca…. and mcm kelakar ada gak…never knew YOU’d be like that (siap suruh gi amik bawak balik walau tak abis program!!)… as for the chil’un, it’s only natural la kan budak2 nak balik bila mak bapak datang (tak kisah la umo brape pun kan :p) hopefully they didn’t have to go through the ‘kammuuu taddeee kawwann keee’ type of conversation. mujur laa ada 3 sekawan. kalau tak, sure nangis tahap leleh2 ingus punya hahaha all the best to them… suruh maryam n sarah bagi abi ummi dia emotional support!

  2. Huhu…I’m crying with you now…teringat2 bila tinggalkan anak masa pergi kursus satu masa dahulu.

    K.Sha, thanx for ur visit to my blog..I’ll pujuk2 my husband to let me go to ur EPL n Sarakids on the next day.

    Mmm…takde plan kah untuk datang Parit Buntar?? Hihi…KL adalah sangat jauh di mata saya…

  3. Wakakakaka…aduh (tolong picit hidung yang semakin kembang) – maklumlah I don’t really get comments so dapat lima pun dah terkehel tengkuk.

    Maklang, hey I’m a softie too u know. Ala-ala nostalgia boy on tricycle..kita ni mentimun.

    Mamafiza, you are one with endless kind words. My thanks to your prayer. High-five.

    Sis Afiah, we got an invite to speak for 2 hours to 25 couples all over M’sia. Sis Haridah of coklathalal.com is the person-in-charge. I’ll ask her ya.

    Sitisifir10, oh..tak aci because sifir 10 sangat senang.
    Sila lap hingus tu ye…terharu and thanks for your tears. Hang kat Paghit Buntaq na… tak jawh aii…. mai la…

  4. terharunya baca ni.. rasa macam terbayang2 kat situasi tu..
    (over! 😛 )

    tapi memang, saya dulu masa terpaksa berpisah dua minggu dengan anak, terfikir juga, kalau jumpa hujung minggu, lagi terasa sakit… sakit bila nak berpisah semula.. tapi, kalau tak jumpa, rinduuu… huhu

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