These are my kids too

Yup, I’m THE ummi for Muhammad, Musa, Maryam and Sarah.

But I do have at least forty other kids that I see once a week.  My English Zone kids (teens pun ada) at AMPAC, Bangi.


Basically, the games that I play with my own kids at home, I play with the kids at E-zone.  Among them:

“Time Bomb” (from – where one person takes turn saying numbers from 1 – 13.  Whoever gets number 13, will be out of the game.  To make it F.U.N, each person can say up to 3 numbers, for example:  player A – 1, player B-2,3,4, player C-5,6, and so on.  Full of suspense!  DO try this at home.

Last week, E-zone kids did an activity “My Country”.  Credit goes to our interns – Faiz and Najat – who conducted the session.  Students created their own country, complete with currency, map, language and anthem.


The goal of English Zone is to make English learning fun and appealing to students.  Specifically, the targeted skill is aimed at writing.  However, writing cannot stand alone without the ‘help’ of reading.  Reading input, writing output.

These active and energetic kids look forward to E-zone every week because they practice all 4 skills (listening & speaking too) without even realizing it.  The trick is to ‘camouflage’ the writing and reading activity into a game.  Put a time limit – voila! You’ve got the competitive spirit burning!

To teach them the importance of checking their writing – the big word is PROOFREADING – we played ‘Running Dictation’.

DSC00149My E-zone kids – they run, they read, they write.  In this game, 3 in a group.  Two readers, one writer.  Readers run and read the poem on the table, then go back, tell the writer to write.  With correct spelling and punctuation.  Students take turns becoming writers and readers.

High energy game.  Run = Fun!


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