Home’s Cool 101

The beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once said :

“Kullu maulud yu lad ‘alal fitrah..Fa abawahu yuhawwidanuhu, au Yunassiranuhu, au Yumajjisanuhu”

Every new born is born on Fitra (as a Muslim), it is his Parents who make him a Jew, or Christian or an Idol worshipper (Majusi)”

Before the subject “parenting” came into existence how did parents bring their kids up? Children are born as natural learners. They learn fast. They are hungry for inputs after inputs. They are a curious lot. Sometimes we wonder, why can’t these kiddos stop asking.

 As parents, we are natural teachers. We were learners too. No matter how much we have learnt, parents want their kids to have more. Parents want kids to be better than them. Bill Gates would want his kids to be richer than him. Einstein might have wished that his children would be smarter than him. For us the average Joes and Janes, if we ever hoped that our kids turn up to be like us too, materialistically, financially, intellectually etc  that is, then there is something wrong with us.

What’s the best way to MAKE SURE our kids turn up well? Well, we shape them. I mean really, really shape them. 100 percent. Our mould. Our clone…almost but better. 

Gandhi once said, “Nehi skool ape hegek, onai mastek ape he mapek”

The best teachers are parents and the best school is home”  (Courtesy of Badrulsani @ badrulsani.com)

Not that today’s teachers are no good, some of them are really, really good. Passionate. Efficient. Creative. Believe me you, we have travelled to more than 300 schools in the country and we have actually met these  SuperTeachers. But there are also some, when you see them – the way they talk, walk and chalk, as if they are saying, “Can’t wait to go home” or “Someone please take me out of this sleepy hollow”.

We are glad we chose this road not taken by many….Homeschool is cool.

Here’s why it is so cool and wicked and fun and funtastic.




     Muhammad and Musa are learning photo editing, as a start, from a professional editor, Mr. G-b0ne. What’s the best way to learn? Learn and do the real thing.









      A trip to the hardware store. Seeing is believing, touching gives feeling. Going home and using the tools? Priceless and indescribable.








    Journal writing @ Pasar Borong. Write them FRESH as they happen.








     No gloves. No problem.

   How to get them to wake up early? A little excavation and an introduction to archaeology early in the morning.







    The best part of Home’s Cool is….

   On a serene Monday afternoon, my kids asked, “How come there are not many children around?”

Can you guess?

Oh ya…they are at school.

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