Fahrin asks, I answer


Have you seen Monster’s Inc?  I love it!  Do you remember the part when Mike was on tv but his face was covered.  Remember the script?

Mike: I can’t believe it.

Sully: Oh, Mike…

Mike: I was on TV! Did you see me? I’m a natural!

Haha!  I was on TV again.  Respons RTM 1 (early morning at 6 am – bilalah nak masuk prime time ni?)


This time I was interviewed by Mr. Fahrin Ahmad.  Topics – “Malaslah..” (how kids are not active in sports) and “Angguk-angguk Geleng-geleng” (how we should be more firm and assertive).  As usual, I enjoyed myself.

p/s:  When I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of being on national tv.  Alhamdulillah, it’s now a reality.  Now, I dream to be on Oprah.  Jadi penonton pun takpa, tapi mesti barisan depan.

*Thank you Kak Norziha, the producer and Miss Balqis, the assistant producer for your kind and warm invitation.


2 thoughts on “Fahrin asks, I answer

  1. waaahhhhhh! kanmain vogue hang coach!! subuh sepi’ee dah sampei sana dah! ke subuh pun kat studio? hihihi..

    all the best! i’m proud of you fren!

    bila betoi hang masuk oprah sok, jgn lupa lambai tangan kat mak naa…


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