I rest my case

This morning, Abi took the boys for breakfast with his surau gang (most of them are enjoying life after work – ‘pencen’).

“Sekolah petang ke?”

“Tak, anak-anak saya homeschool.”

I was not there but the story was related to me.   According to Abi, a few replied, “Ooohh homeschool” while nodding their head (tapi tak sure if they understood the concept or not).   Some asked, “Sekolah kat mana?”   They thought it was a name of a some kind of private school.

I’m sure our fellow homeschool parents have been in this situation one too many.

Then, the normal string of Q&A began: “Siapa yang ajar?” “Exam macamana?” “Dah boleh baca belum?”- you get the picture.

It’s kind of fun being ‘interrogated’ by other parents, especially if they are teachers. *smile*

Musa experiences cocoa

Musa experiences cocoa


My Tok Wan was once worried about their Hari Sukan. “Will they get the chance to enjoy Sports Day at school like ‘normal’ kids?”

My Mom the Scientist was (is) concerned about their ‘scientific’ knowledge & skills. “How are they going to do experiments in lab?”

My Dad tak kisah…when I was a young girl, he even asked me, my bro & sis to skip school once in a while. Yahhooooo!!


Solat by the stream

Solat by the stream

We even had a friend who was in awe with this homeschooling thing that he wanted to send his kids to our house. To be homeschooled by us! Kelakar la dia ni…


Anyway, just some bits & pieces of hour h-s journey.


*June 13 (Sat) we’ve been invited by Sis Haridah to share our experience on HS with 57 couples (who come from all over M’sia). Thank you, sister!”


3 thoughts on “I rest my case

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Uh oh! Blessing *tears*, sgt syahdu lihat anak2mu berjemaah. Excellent job my dear momma & kids *hugs*

    p/s: Wahhh dah start on the road back Coach! May you have a wonderful journey >_< Jgn lupa take pics k!

  2. CoachSha… seronok tgk ..dimana2 jua kita leh solat kan.. kecik2 kita ajar mereka insya’allah mereka tau nanti…

    Sha.. waa sudah masuk TV ye.. dasat… caya sama ibu ini..

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