Have fun this May!


When was the last time you played games like a li’l kid?  Fighting for sweets and rewards..claiming every single point for your team…singing your heart out..and giggling ’til your cheeks hurt?

I don’t promise that ‘all-of-the-above’ will happen to you but just get prepared to have tons of fun with me and the gang at the May EPL.

*well, if the guys can have their EPL, we can have ours too!*

I even plan to order a jersey for this event.  Ala-ala bola la…

The name says it all: 

English (that’s the language we’ll be using so we can improve our English)

Playshop (I prefer play over work..what about you?)

Ladies (enough said.)

The first playshop this year was held in March.  Since then, I have compiled dozens of games and activities and can’t wait to get the balls rolling.


Stay tuned, ladies.


One thought on “Have fun this May!

  1. coachsha,

    any plan to do playshop on northern area?ladies here wants to improve our english as well..hehe..

    p/s: bestnyer..i wish i can join all ur workshop/playshop

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