Homeschool Silly-bus: Word Games

Mi familia enjoys word games tremendously.

In the van, we play Spelling Bee:

One person choose a word, eg: road.  The next person makes a word that begins with the last letter (d), eg: dirty.  The third person, yellow…and it goes like that.

Sometimes we play Category Game (when I was a kid, we called this Negeri-negeri):

Choose a Letter, e.g T.  Then find words that begin with T to fit into all the categories – Name, Country, Fruit, Animal, Object.

When at home, the boys indulge in UPWORDS.  Like Scrabble, but you can build UP the words.  Muhammad & Musa love this!

Muhammads turn

Muhammad's turn


Latest craze: SCRAMBLE dsc00003


An iPhone game. Similar to Boggle, minus the shaking.

Off-the-record: this morning I lost to Musa (35 points), me (25 points).

Five  Wonders of Word Games (our observation):

1.  Kids USE the words they know

2.  Kids have to THINK QUICK to produce words

3.  Kids FOCUS to make words with only certain letters (Boggle/Upwords/Scramble)

4.  Kids learn NEW WORDS from ‘competitors’

5.  Kids ENJOY – it’s a game after all!

At the end of the day, a wider vocab helps them to express themselves better….and with style too.

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Silly-bus: Word Games

  1. Hi there..we play word games too, but just between hubby and I, the kids as spectators. This because I am unsure how to engage them in the games. Tq for sharing. I’ll consider this.

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