More silly-bus for home’s cool

photo26Oooohhh…seronoknya!  Let’s go hiking again, kiddos.  A fun-tastic way for Umi to lose the bulge here and there and here and there and here and..(you get idea.)

Homeschool silly-bus 1:  Pendidikan Jasmani dan Rohani (latihan amali membaca doa dan zikir menghalau gangguan jin & syaitan dan binatang berbisa dan memuji kebesaran Allah)

We’ve been told of a secret treasure 30 minutes away from our casa.  Abi took us for a mini-jungle trekking to explore the treasure last week.  Green, clean, serene. The ‘pacat’ (leeches) had a huge grin.  Happy suckin’, suckers!

Homeschool silly-bus 2:  The physiology & anatomy of PACAT (eksperimen mencabut pacat dari anggota badan masing-masing sambil menjerit tetapi jeritan tidak dilayan oleh ketua ekspedisi)


*one line, please*

photo24*wonderful waterfall*


*water + sand + kids = keriangan berganda*


*they’ll remember this moment*

So moms, pack up and go.  For a walk.  For a hike.  For a picnic.  It’s the time spent with you that they will cherish forever, InshaAllah.

(Once home, you can proceed to Homeschool silly-bus 3:  How to massage your lovely Umi n Abi)

3 thoughts on “More silly-bus for home’s cool

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    OMG! This is the BEST activity ever >_<

    *wahhh dekat mana ni, mau ikut! the he he*

    Your kids really enjoying “tha moment””, AWESOME! I’m deeply happy for you *hugs*

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