Found! Trick to keep track of kids’ work

Cabaran utama kami dalam meng-homeschool anak-anak: to keep track of their progress.


Since both of us work together (running our own company and conducting english programs nationwide), there will be time when we have to be on the road, air, water – without the kids.  Usually for one-or-two day trip.  Otherwise, they will tag along.

Yup, we do have a tutor coming to supervise kids’ homework especially when we are away.  But kids are kids.  They need CONSTANT supervision.  When the BIG Boss and Medium Boss are at work, haahahhaaa….berpesta lah mereka di rumah.  (So far no Astro at home, so TV tak clear dan banyak rancangan semut-semut.  Jadi bab tv tak risau sangat.)

Risau samada mereka baca buku ke tidak.  Buat writing ke tidak.  Solat on time ke tidak.  Dan sebagainya.. I know most parents can relate to this *hi-five, parents*

Alhamdulillah, we found ONE solution on how to keep track of our kids’ progress.  Remember, they don’t go to normal school.  They are homeschoolers.  No teachers, no report cards..heck, no exams!

What is the solution?

….keep reading!

Till next posting, ilal liqaa’ ya asdiqaa’.

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