Selamat Pagi, Malaysia!


InshaAllah, tomorrow morning I’ll be on tv for 10 minutes.  It’s a new exercise you know – to be ON tv.  See how long you can sit on it.  Guguggugaga…

RTM invited me for Segment Sembang Pagi (apalah yang nak disembangkan agaknya ya.)

my notes - mesti bersedia!

my notes - mesti bersedia!

Clue:  It has something to do with women and beauty and obsession.

So, if you feel you can spare 10 minutes of your life seeing me sharing my limited knowledge and experience on the topic, then you are invited to personally press the remote to TV1, 8:14-8:30 am tomorrow.

If you had better things to do, by all means, go ahead.  Don’t worry, you won’t miss much *huge grin*

p/s: Infaq season 2 has been on air for 5 weeks now.  Tuesday, TV1, 6:30 pm.  On waqaf, zakat and mal.  In BM.

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