Pics from English Playshop for Ladies

March 1, 09 at AMPAC, BBBangi.

Oh..oh..mashaAllah,  begitu bersemangat sekali mempersembahkan Readers Theater!   Thank you for taking part in the playshop, ladies.  (*you know who you are*).



Lady WrestlersHow to be good at English?  Wrestle!


2 thoughts on “Pics from English Playshop for Ladies

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Ugugu, sgt mahu berguru dgnmu! Maaf krn tertinggal keretapi *cuddles*

    p/s: Pasti mahu ikut serta di masa hadapan, Insya-Allah *oh, jgn dera sy tau 🙂 *

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