Azam 1430H: Bedtime Stories for Kids

Nope…not the Orang Putih kind of bedtime stories.  Enough of that!

Casa Escuela’s bedtime stories will be something that is food for mind and soul.  For the listeners as well as the reader.  Something real.  Something worth remembering.  Something super-trouper-duper powerful.


I’ve just bought the book and can’t wait to take my Muhd, Musa, Maryam (and Sarah?) along with Abi on this spiritual journey.  InshaAllah.  So…hop on everybody!


One thought on “Azam 1430H: Bedtime Stories for Kids

  1. do share your review on the book later k? saya teringin nak beli buku ni tapi dok terkenang raheeq maktoum (the seal of nectar) yang belum habis baca lagi…

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