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Musa (left) with cousin Ahmad.

Musa (left) with cousin Ahmad.

Takbir! Musa has successfully been ‘khatan’-ed last week with his cousin, Ahmad at AnNur BBB.

On the way to the clinic, a lady asked me why I was at the clinic.

“Anak nak sunat,” I replied.

“Aik? Sekolah kan dah nak bukak,” said the lady.

Smiling…”Anak saya tak pergi sekolah..homeschool.”

I joined my better half to accompany Musa – moral support of course plus me kinda curious. I did not witness how the doctor did IT to Muhammad last time. I only joined Muhammad during the stitching session. (It ain’t pretty!)

By the way, Musa is a November baby. He’ll turn 7 in 2009 InshaAllah.

At first, we planned to ‘sunat’ Musa in Taiping with our family doctor.  According to him, it is ‘sunnah’ to ‘sunat’ using sharp cutting objects.  One thing led to another, we had to make new plans.

So we opted for normal circumcision, not the one with clamp.  Apparently at an-Nur, normal means laser…teruskan juga lah.

TIPS to CALM, SUPPORT, PUMP UP, etc. the ‘victim’ (muahahahaa):


1. Tell him the reason. Why every Muslim male must go through this. Do your research if you have to..*wink*

Entering pre-manhood zone

Entering pre-manhood zone

2. Tell him the process. What’s going to happen first, next, yadayadayada. Leave out the gory details por favor.

3. Tell him the truth. Will it hurt? “Of course it will, for a while. When something goes through your skin, it’s gonna hurt. But you can handle it. The doctor will put some medicine into your body..etc etc”.

4. At the clinic, chat about other stuff. Make jokes. Or have some kind of “slow talk” – cherish the moment.


1. Put on a happy face. Give salam to the doc. “Whatsup doc!” Happy happy joy joy. It’s contagious. The doc and nurse will be less tense too, hihihi.

dsc000102. Keep him (your kid, not the doc) occupied. Abi let Musa play with his brand new one-day old handphone. Me..curi-curi tengok what the doc was doing sambil coaching Musa to zikir a bit.

3. Keep him occupied. I repeat this coz this is muy, muy importante. It’s dangerous for the boy to take a peek. C’mon..needle and hospital don’t really rhyme with jovial, eh?

4. Keep the conversation going…Talk about whatever you like..Silence is deafening.

5. Remember to snap appropriate pics. Censored ones are fine as long as it remains…censored. *Kikikkii*

6. All this while, continue to zikir ya. All is up to Allah Al-Khaliq!

7. Once done, thank the doc and the nurses. ‘nuf said.

The ‘pantang’ session..well that deserves a separate post. Till ‘then..salam!

4 thoughts on “Tips Sunat

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Wish you were in great health dear *hugs*

    OMG, I really need this tips Coach! Deeply appreciate your kindness, thank you for sharing *tears*

    Hugs n kisses to your lovely-duvly kids >_<

    p/s: Big bro Musa, gambatte ne, take care my dear *cuddles*

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