Bisa Di-catur!


Abang thinking

Abang thinking

FACT:  Chess is part of the curricula in nearly 30 countries. In Venezuela, Iceland, Russia and other countries, chess is a subject in all public schools. (Isaac Linder, “Chess, a Subject Taught at School,” Sputnik: Digest of the Soviet Press, June 1990, pp. 164-16)

For the first time, Muhammad and Musa took part in a Chess Tournament at Ampac, BB Bangi.


Muhammad’s result:  menang 1 – kalah 2

Musa’s result:  1 menang – 1 kalah (disebabkan tak cukup opponent, Musa masuk ke pusingan ke2 menang tanpa bertanding)



Musa in action

Musa in action


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